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article imageMissouri Cities Take Action on Drugs

By Walt Crocker     Jul 14, 2009 in Crime
A couple of cities in outstate Missouri have become frustrated by the Missouri legislature's lack of interest in passing good meth and marijuana laws. They keep medical marijuana illegal and do little about the meth problem in Missouri.
A couple of years ago my old GMC van that I had parked out on a street next to my house was stolen. I must confess that it was an easy target because one of the doors had a broken lock, but quite frankly, I didn't think that anyone would bother stealing it. Besides, how were they to know that the lock didn't work?
The policeman that took the report told me that a lot of those old vans were stolen because meth dealers used them as potable meth labs. Missouri is one of the biggest methyl amphetamine producers in the country. We have a lot of Ozark woods to hide the labs in. There have been reports of innocent hunters being shot by the dealers in the woods, when they accidentally stumble upon a lab site.
Meth is made from cold medications, so it's been easy to assembly the ingredients from stuff that you can get at your local pharmacy. It has sort of replaced Moonshine as the drug of choice among the rural folks in Missouri, but it's much more dangerous. Improperly made moonshine can make you sick, it can even make you go blind, but meth can kill you by using it and also by making it. Many a meth lab has exploded since the making of it has become popular.
According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, cities have become frustrated by the Missouri legislature's lack of action and have began restricting the sale of the cold medications needed to make meth by prescription only.
In other drug news, also from the Post Dispatch, the legislature seems to be in no hurry to put a damper on meth making, but it's dragging its feet on making marijuana legal for medical use, like so many other states already have. So once again the cities are taking action where the state won't. Cottleville, Missouri has passed a resolution that would make medical marijuana legal.
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