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article imageOp-Ed: Obama, Right-Wing Hysteria and Why Hate Speech Must Be Resisted

By Carol Forsloff     Jul 11, 2009 in Politics
I remember President John F. Kennedy’s election. I remember people thinking Catholics would take over the country then. I remember before Kennedy’s assassination, hate-mongers went on the offensive. And that's why I worry today.
Almost every President of the United States in history has had to deal with conflict, false accusations, tricks and lies. Thomas Jefferson was an example. A Unitarian minister talks about this in an essay on Jefferson: “ He was often scourged from the pulpit as depicted as a "corrupter of morals; as a virulent atheist who wished to undermine traditional religion! There is even a story of a baptism; Some Boston cleric refused to christen a child because he was named after Jefferson; to baptize a child named Thomas Jefferson was a blasphemous act! “
In my opinion, the accusations against Barack Obama have created a climate of hate that makes the unthinkable possible. In fact, the type of accusations leveled at him would lead the irrational to consider the killing of Obama a reasonable act given the terrible things the new President is accused of doing now and planning to do in the future, much of which has no foundation in truth.
Below are some prime headline examples, many listed by “Unknown News,” and there are many more that could be cited, including those media sources that called Obama an “unpatriotic” "elitist" “who lies about his faith”
The list also doesn’t include the same type of hyped aggressive taunts and accusations that preceded the election and continued up to and since the inauguration:
Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews
My Muslim President Obama -
Scheuer: Obama doesn't care 'about protecting this country'
Obama is worse than Adolf Hitler and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says arch-right bigwig Kaloogian
Fox Nation: Obama's census castrates Caucasians
Hill advances claim that Obama is "siding" with Chavez and Cuba
Levin labels Obama's policies "Bernie Madoff times a thousand. He is taking a wrecking ball to this society"
Limbaugh: Obama administration creating chaos so people "will sign up for your agenda"
Limbaugh: Obama led Dems "into doing everything he could to ensure the defeat of the US military"
Limbaugh: "I don't know" where Obama was born, "supposedly Hawaii"
National Review's Sowell warns of nuclear attack, America under Sharia law
Fox's Morris warns that the "Declaration of Independence has been repealed"
Obama Abortion Agenda
So let’s add this up. Obama, who isn’t a citizen of the United States, wants the country to be Communist, then will align himself with Iranian terrorists and consequently impose Sharia law. He wants the military to be defeated, to destroy the economy, and is interested in virtually annihilating Caucasians in order to impose the will of blacks and homosexuals on U.S. society to the extent he would likely imprison, torture, and murder them in great numbers, just like Adolph Hitler. If anyone seeks to destroy the country, Obama will likely step aside and let it happen or work towards making it happen. Besides that he advocates killing babies and will do everything he can to make that possible.
Well, given all that, why would any red-white-and-blue loyal American want to see a leader like that live long enough to destroy the country and all its sacred institutions, then refuse to step down from authority and become a dictator.
Gee, Obama has only been in office six months and is that dangerous? Wouldn’t this be a good reason to do anything to stop him from doing all the damage folks say he plans to do?
Would a Republican President be accused of all this type of anti-American, disloyal, un-American activities and at the same time not a citizen? What type of political and social climate is created with this type of speech?
Given the American history of Presidential assassination, it might behoove those who speak in hateful ways to examine what could happen as a result of the atmosphere created by such rhetoric. Decades after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, many politicians try to side with the Kennedy image, his abilities and his policies, when during the period before he was elected, and the short time of his Presidency, he was vilified for his civil rights agenda.
Professor Donald Wilkes said the following, in reminding people about John F. Kennedy and the atmosphere of hatred that led up to his assassination: “Americans have forgotten that Dallas right-wingers bitterly protested Kennedy’s visit to Dallas; that the presidential motorcade was greeted with signs expressing contempt for JFK; that even as JFK’s limousine came under rifle fire, right-wingers were present taunting him; that even after he was a corpse there were protesters nearby displaying insulting placards. Americans have also forgotten the joy with which right-wingers reacted to the assassination.
But these matters must not be allowed to sink into oblivion. The lesson to be learned is that right-wing elements poison our body politic by practicing the politics of hate, and must be stopped.”
Wilkes states what Americans need to remember. And to know the difference between free speech to be protected and license, the kind reminiscent of yelling fire in a crowded theater that creates danger, mocks the foundation of liberty and those who believe in rational discourse.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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