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article imageTopFinds: Harry Potter's Romantic Wizardry, Ukraine Bans Porn

By David Silverberg     Jul 10, 2009 in Internet
Google surprises the tech world with its operating system launch. What prompted the Ukraine to forbid people to buy porn? Daniel Radcliffe explains how Harry Potter is seeing the magic of romance. These are the top stories gathering buzz around the world.
It's not easy to write a top-notch Q&A. That's why it was heartening to see many stellar interviews on; it's obvious Digital Journalists sought to cover breaking news and also profile fascinating individuals.
Bob Ewing went the extra mile by interviewing citizen journalist Alison van Diggelen, who covers green-friendly topics. Thanks to Bob's solid questions, we learned why van Diggelen moved from print media to online, if she views citizen media working with the mainstream, and what attributes make a successful citizen journalist. Lots to be learned in this Q&A, so be sure to bookmark it for later.
Our London correspondent Lisa Devaney attended a conference focusing on Britain's technology strategy. Reboot Britain sounds like a fascinating conference for anyone intrigued by Web culture and how the UK wants to develop Internet-friendly initiatives. But most impressively, Devaney caught up with one of the presenters, Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist. There weren't many Newmark quotes, but the info she gleaned off him makes for a great cap to a thorough article.
Book of War
Book of War
special permission from the ROM
You can't go wrong with a controversial exhibit making people talk in a major city. Toronto is home to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, brilliantly covered by KJ Mullins. This photo-heavy post offers a comprehensive review of the importance of the Scrolls, including why it's causing such divisiveness (see comments section). Great reportage, KJ.
Maison Du Petit Monde  Lyon France
Reception area, Maison Du Petit Monde, Lyon France
Michael Cosgrove
We see hospitals every day and don't think twice of how it runs. Thanks to Michael Cosgrove, we now know the intricacies behind Lyon's local hospital. This article gave us some key interviews with hospital staff, dishing out stats and facts on what makes these hospital run so smoothly. Photos are also a great addition, too.
Ever the determined interviewer, Earl Dittman once again wowed us with a high-profile get: his interview with Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) shows a side of the actor we rarely see. It's quite a timely interview, considering the next Potter film is coming out on July 15. Wondered if Radcliffe is dating, and how Potter has matured romantically? And even if Potter isn't your thing, this article deserves attention from any journalist looking for a role model of a profile.
Many other stories are popular on, including:
McCain Issues Statement on Palin Resignation: With Sarah Palin's sudden resignation as Alaska governor came a flood of statements from fellow politicos. John McCain couldn't resist adding his two cents, saying "I believe she will continue to play an important leadership role in the Republican party and our nation." So is McCain going to back her up with future endeavors or is this just playing politics?
Hundreds injured in China earthquake: A devastating earthquake rocked southwest China, injuring at least 336 people. Digital Journalist Kesavan Unnikrishnan was quick to report on this breaking news, and added important stats and post-quake relief facts. Great job, Kesavan.
Serial Killing Spree in South Carolina Ends: On the mind of every South Carolina resident was this terrifying news about a serial killer on the loose. Luckily, police killed the suspect, ending weeks of fear. Johnny Simpson bluntly commented: "The only good serial killer is a dead serial killer."
According to reports  a number of chimpanzees have escaped from their grounds at a British Zoo
According to reports, a number of chimpanzees have escaped from their grounds at a British Zoo
Chi King
No Monkeying Around: Chimpanzees Escape British Zoo: Thanks to Mark Kersten, we learned how chimps escaped their compound in Chester Zoo and roamed the grounds. What would you do if you saw 30 chimps running next to you at a zoo?
Google drops bombshell and announces its own operating system: The tech world was buzzing with Google news -- the Big G launched its own operating system, Chrome (named after the browser), targetting netbook users. Is it any coincidence the launch came mere months before Microsoft launches Windows 7? Digital Journalist Brenton Currie weighed in with his opinion in the comment section, writing: "Personally I think this could be the beginning of the end for Microsoft Windows as we know it."
Ukraine Bans Porn, Unless It's Used Medicinally: Oh Ukraine, you're so cute when you're angry. The country recently banned porn, unless the skin flicks and mags are used medicinally. Unfortunately, Ukraine officials didn't elaborate on what medicinal benefits porn can provide. The perp caught with porn in the Ukraine could net up to three years in prison. Talk about an anti-vice policy bound to scare curious teens!
White vinegar
White vinegar
File photo
Researchers say vinegar may help fight fat: If you like fries with vinegar, you're only hurting yourself only half as much as you thought. A study recently found that vinegar's main chemical, acetic acid, activates genes that produce proteins that help the body break down fats. What's next, using ketchup to control blood pressure?
Nude Photo of 20-year old Madonna on Exhibit in London: The Material Girl is now on display as the Naked Girl in London. When Madonna was 20, she posed nude at the beginning of her modeling girl and now those photos are cropping up in a photo exhibit. What's the lesson here, boys and girls? Make sure you keep all the copies of your nude modelling photos.
Half a million fans try to get Michael Jackson tribute tickets: We can't promise this is the last news post on Michael Jackson we'll highlight, since the King of Pop continues to make headlines around the world. In this article, we learned about the hordes of fans hungry to get free tickets to MJ's memorial service at the Staples Center. Did you watch the memorial? Do you think it would have been more poignant if you watched it in person?
Manny Pacquiao Brought to a Hospital While Shooting a Movie: Whenever this star boxer flinches, the world takes notice. Courtesy of the steadfast reporting of Leo Reyes, readers learned how Pacquaio was recently brought to a hospital because of a troublesome ulcer. He's apparently shooting a movie with Sly Stallone, so inquiring minds want to know -- is working with Stallone giving Pacquiao an ulcer? We didn't think an on-set Stallone would be that frustrating to work with.

TopFinds Awards

The honourees of this week's TopFinds Awards attracted impressive attention and widest readership. Digital Journal thanks the following Digital Journalists with Awards for their passion for covering the top issues of the day: Lisa Devaney, Kesavan Unnikrishnan, Earl Dittman, Stephanie Dearing, Bob Ewing, Leo Reyes, Jane Fazackarley, Andrew Moran, Patrick McMahon, Michael Cosgrove, KJ Mullins, Brenton Currie, Mark Kersten, and Carol Forsloff.
Kitten and Cat
Kitten and Cat
Michael Cosgrove
The Top Blog Post of the Week
is given to Michael Cosgrove for giving us many reasons to smile with his photo post on kittens and cats. These achingly cute felines fight, play and attack field mice, all captured in their photogenic glory. The post inspires other Digital Journalists to embed photos of their own pets, so join the thread if you've got a pet photo to share.
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