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Op-Ed: Will the Philippines Elections be Clean This Time?

By Maria Narissa Aranzanso     Jul 9, 2009 in Politics
After several occasions where the Philippines will be back to the old manual elections in 2010, the Commission on Election’s (Comelec) undertaking to have the automated election will finally materialize.
Comelec has been working out for this automated election in which the government had allotted 7 billion pesos.
The two partner corporations – the foreign Smartmatic and the local Total Information Management Corporation - who had gotten the contract and are involved in the said venture had a dispute before the signing transpired.
Comelec had put in its best efforts to remedy the situation between the two partner corporations in order not to disrupt the plans for an automated election. The efforts seem to have paid off and the problem seems to be resolved.
When news surfaced that the automated elections will not be pursued, it is very much probable that some had prayed hard for the problem not to be resolved anymore. What worried some candidates is that their winnability in the election is up for the grabs or is in danger when the election will be automated.
In the Philippines, no candidate will admit that they lost. They will always claim about election fraud. If the automated election will not be pursued, a lot of these corrupt candidates will rejoice.
The teachers are the most unfortunate beings that were always victims of the manual elections. Aside from the pressures and demands of their roles during the elections in the Philippines with their meager income, their lives, too, are in danger from the hoodlums of these evil politicians who wanted to win in whatever way it takes.
It has yet to be determined though if the automated election cannot be corrupted. There are reports that the automated election in the ARMM before yielded election fraud prompting civilians and cause-oriented groups to stop the automated election with Smartmatic.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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