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Lead Found in Multi-Vitamins

By KJ Mullins     Jul 9, 2009 in Health
Researchers have found that some multi-vitamins contain lead, which can lead to deficiencies in calcium, iron and zinc. The brands are not the cheap ones, it's many of the name brands that adults consume to stay healthy.
Surprisingly only California regulates lead in health supplements. When the US FDA tested 324 multi-vitamins, products marketed for infants, children, women, and pregnant women 99 percent included traces of lead. Not only did the health supplements contain lead they often did not contain all of the vitamins that were listed on their labels.
The FDA claims that the trace levels of lead are "tolerable intake levels." Researcher Dr. Sandra Cottingham takes issue with this ideal saying that there is no safe exposure rate for lead. This is especially true for unborn babies and those under the age of two.
PR Log reports:
“The impact of learning and behavior problems is real. We simply can’t afford to disregard the cost to human potential and quality of life, nor the massive financial price tag that goes with it by telling consumers that there are tolerable intake levels of substances like lead,” she insists. “Its just common sense that a tiny amount of lead taken in every day for 5 years is going to become a significant amount that can do tremendous damage.” If you don’t believe the damage is real, or that lead is potentially a threat to your family, Cottingham invites you to read “Lead Babies”.
Dr. Cottingham is an instructor in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education at the University of British Columbia.
Lead exposure in infants and young children can effect the central nervous system and cognitive skills.
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