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article imageAre WAREHOUSE 13’s Lattimer + Bering the new Mulder & Scully? Special

By Earl Dittman     Jul 7, 2009 in Entertainment
Although the teaming of Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly on SyFy’s paranormal action series Warehouse 13 has some sci-fi fans comparing the duo to Mulder & Scully, the stars of the new supernatural thriller explain why their characters are unique.
On the SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) Channel’s clever, action-packed new paranormal, science fiction series Warehouse 13, Eddie McClintock (Special Agent Sullivan from Bones) and Joanne Kelly (Sara from Vanished) star as a pair of FBI Agents — Peter Lattimer and Myka Bering — who, after saving the life of the President, are abruptly sent to a South Dakota storage facility — Warehouse 13. “Audiences are really going to enjoy all the wild twists and turns in this show,” McClintock says during a conference call. “It's full of surprises. You never know what to expect, not only from the artifacts, but from Pete and Myka, too.”
In the exhilarating and exciting new SyFy series (airing Tuesdays, 9:00/8:00pm EST/CST), Warehouse 13 is a massive, secret storage structure that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government over the centuries. In addition to assisting the Warehouse’s gatekeeper, Artie Nielson (Saul Rubineck) in cataloging and investigating each object, Agents Lattimer and Bering travel across the country in search of several missing objects missing or discovered stolen from the Warehouse. It’s an eye-popping, hair-raising duty that launches them on a different fun-filled, nail-biting, supernatural adventure each week.
Your characters on Warehouse 13 — Peter and Myka — are already being compared to Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. How would you describe your characters’ relationship and how do they approach situations differently?
Eddie McClintock:
“You know, I’ve kind of been describing our relationship as I’m kind of the younger brother who’s constantly pulling at her pigtails, and she’s in turn always punching me in the arm, and it’s actually kind of how it goes — minus the pigtails. I mean, if they did a gag reel of how many times Myka/Joanne punches Pete/Eddie in the stomach or in the arm you’d be shocked. I look at it right now in it’s kind of a brother/sister relationship. But, it’s still in its infancy so where it will go from here it’s hard to say. But, I think we are a brother/sister/great friends who have a tremendous amount of respect for one another even though we constantly pick at one another. And so which makes it just a great, fun thing to play for me.”
Joanne Kelly: “Yeah, yeah, I think Eddie’s right on the nose of course. That is definitely our relationship. And the thing that I like about the way that it progresses is that there’s so much that these characters learn from one another, Pete and Myka. I mean, they’re so different and you see the gelling of two processes and the success that comes from that. And you see that my character is very isolated at the beginning, and his too is too in a way and you see these two people gradually open up to one another and I think that’s really special. And whether it be in a brother/sister way or a romantic way, you see these two people constantly learning more about the other and making fun of the other for it and helping the other. So it makes it very human and very real, I think.”
Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly in Warehouse 13
Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly in Warehouse 13
It’s obvious that the two have great onscreen and off-screen chemistry. Of course, there is great history of buddy vibes and different takes on the buddy vibe in film and TV. Did either of you come in to Warehouse 13 with a particular buddy vibe that inspired you or informed what you did?
“Well, for me, I just come in with no expectations and hopefully, I like the person that I’m working with.”
Joanne: “Uh, oh.”
Eddie: “If Joanne and I ever have differences on the set, I think we’re big enough people and we’ve created a strong enough bond that we’re able to speak about it.”
Joanne: “Or deliver some noogies.”
Eddie: “Yeah, I mean, basically we give each other metaphorical noogies on the set all the time. It’s like if Joanne has a problem she lets me know and I let her know, too, sometimes. And if I don’t she just does it for me and then I go, ‘Yeah, okay, you’re right.’ I didn’t have any preconceived notions. It just so happened that we click. You know, it’s just one of those things that I guess it’s like TV or film, you know, just there’s a chemistry, it’s there, it clicks and it works and other times it doesn’t. In this case, I just think that it does.”
Joanne: “Yeah.”
Eddie: “So, that’s my answer.”
Joanne: “That’s a great answer. Yeah, the same with Eddie. You know, the inception of the script that we auditioned for and what we ended up shooting has — and are still in the process of filming — it has gone through such a change and it’s grown as we’ve grown as characters and as we’ve worked together more. I mean, this relationship is blooming. I think that as Eddie said it was something that came very — we’re both different, our processes are very different, and the kind of energy that comes from that when two opposing forces collide is what you see on screen. And, Eddie makes me laugh every day, and I always have a great time on set because he’s there and it’s just been a pleasure to work with him. He’s really great.”
Eddie: “Thanks Jo.”
Joanne: “No problem dude, I’m really thankful to be part of this.”
Eddie: “It’s kind of like when you have a friend and then you say to your friend, ‘Hey you know what, let’s move in together.’ And then the next thing you know you’re living together and you either go, ‘What have I done or it either works or it doesn’t. And you either decide that you care enough about this person to make it work despite your differences or it’s a nightmare and you get out and you pay the fine. But in this case, we worked it out.”
Joanne: “Yeah.”
Since doing Warehouse 13 does it make you worry about what our government might be hiding in warehouses out there?
“No, now that Cheney is out of office I’m much less worried about that.” (laughs)
Joanne: “Yeah, me too. I’m Canadian, so I don’t think our government is hiding much. I don’t think we have much to hide. But I’ve always been suspicious of the government. I mean, there’s conspiracy theories floating around, especially after 9/11 and all that kind of stuff. I think it’s fascinating, that there could be certain people in power that are hiding things from the masses. I want to know about Area 51, I want to know about stuff like that, you know?
Eddie McClintock in Warehouse 13
Eddie McClintock in Warehouse 13
Joanne Kelly in Warehouse 13
Joanne Kelly in Warehouse 13
Have you had to do anything in Warehouse 13 that has freaked you out?
“I think Eddie was pretty freaked out about the ferret that was trying to climb all over his face in the pilot. Yeah, there’s some really — like walking through our set sometimes is like being a big kid because the stuff in there is so cool. Like there’s some really cool, cool, cool stuff in our warehouse, and I can’t wait until people see the show and see the stuff outside of the pilot because it’s really neat.”
Eddie: “Pete is in his own environment there. I mean, he’s in hog heaven. He’s basically a giant kid and now he gets to play with adult toys that are just basically what he’s wanted to do his whole life, so he’s right at home there.”
How do you think you guys would fare as actual Secret Service agents? Would President Obama be safe in your hands?
‘I mean, if it meant diving in front of things, if that was my job, then I think I’d be all right.”
Joanne: “Yeah, I think you’d be great.”
Eddie : “As long as it didn’t include, you know, mathematics.”
Joanne: “I love math, I’ll take the math. Being a Secret Service agent would be cool, man. You could wear those headsets and run around with guns all the time. I mean, what’s not fun about that, right? Diving in front of the bullets maybe not be so much…”
Eddie: “That’s why Joanne and I are so like suited for our characters, because it’s true. She is the mathematician and I’m the bullet-diver.”
WAREHOUSE 13 Pilot Episode Encore Showings (EST):
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