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Study shows coffee could cure memory loss

By Wang Fangqing     Jul 7, 2009 in Health
It turns out a mug of coffee not only drives away sleepiness, but also could help treat memory loss, a key symptom of Alzheimer's disease, according to new research.
According to the research, led by the neuroscientist Dr.Gary Arendash of the University of Florida, mice test shows a 50 percent drop in protein level in the brain, called beta amyloid plaques, a key aspect of the disease, by consuming caffeine-spiked drinking water, and two months later, the caffeinated mice did much better on memory tests than those mice that were given regular water, reported Mirror.
The daily dose of caffeine that the mice consumed was equivalent to 500 milligrams for human beings. In other words, it's like 14 cups of tea, 20 cola drinks or two cups of very strong coffee.
Since caffeine is safe for most of people, Dr.Arendash said it could be a viable treatment for Alzheimer's disease.
But the research is just the first step as the way human brains work is much more complicated that mice brains, says Eric Hall, president and CEO of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. In the US, he said, about one in eight people will develop the disease by age 65.
In the UK, the Alzheimer's Society, which doesn't suggest their patients develop a caffeine habit, says if the research could confirm it will benefit the human beings too, drinking coffee should be taken as part of a lifestyle, reported Guardian.
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