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article imageApple Mac cloning not stopping any time soon

By David Goldsmith     Jul 4, 2009 in Technology
Psystar has emerged from chapter 11 and Germany's PearC is expanding its borders. The legal race with Apple is only just beginning.
Things are looking good for the Apple Mac clone market despite lawsuits and a bankruptcy. Psystar in the US have reopened its doors with a new clone in its arsenal and the German company PearC have announced that they are expanding their business into France, The Netherlands and Belgium.
Mac Cloning is not something new. Unlike the Windows/PC market Macintosh computers are produced by Apple and are their main income point, the operating system they place on their machines existing to move the hardware by providing a quality and unified experience. In the 1990s Apple slightly changed this by allowing licensed manufacturers to also produce Mac hardware running the Mac operating system of the time. When Steve Jobs returned to head Apple however he canceled all such contracts.
In the User Agreement for MacOS X it is stated that it should not be run on non Apple branded products. In the time after Steve Jobs returned to Apple there was no trouble with unauthorised clones because of the unique hardware required to run the operating system (IBM PowerPC), however ever since the first builds of MacOS X for PC hardware have been available people have been running the system on non-Apple computers.
More recently Clone Makers have started popping up selling the current versions of MacOS X pre-installed on PCs configured to be similar to actual Mac hardware, despite the supposed illegality of the venture. Psystar in America is currently in proceedings with Apple about their right to manufacture the clones while PearC in Germany believes that German law (and also apparently the laws of the countries they are expanding into) allow them to produce their clones.
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