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article imageFossils prove that dinosaurs once stalked Australia

By John Louie S. Ramos     Jul 3, 2009 in Science
Australian-based paleontologists had finally found evidence that the wondrous prehistoric reptiles, commonly known as dinosaurs, once roamed the fields of down under.
Scientist and researchers found limb bones, ribs, jaw and other remnants of a new specie of the gigantic creature that existed approximately 98 million years ago.
The Australovenator wintonensis , the vicious meat-eating predator which weighs around 1,100 pound (500 kilogram) was discovered in the state of Queensland. It was later nicknamed as "Banjo" after the poet A.B. "Banjo" Paterson.
Similarly, there were other finds. The 52-foot- (16-meter-) long herbivores which is believed to belong in the family of titanosaur was named Wintonotitan wattsi and the Diamantinasaurus matildae which resembles a modern hippopotamus.
Scott Hocknull, a Queensland Museum paleontologist who led the research team said that they would continue to unearth more bones, as well as digging deeper at the Winton area, hoping to discover other exciting developments.
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