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article imageScientists Find 'Fountain of Youth'

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 30, 2009 in Health
Scientists have recently found what they consider might be an answer for longevity or "the fountain of youth." They have found in caves bats that live longer than mice and discovered what may lead to finding therapies to increase human life span.
Asish Chaudhuri, Professor of Biochemistry at the VA Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas observes that "Ultimately we are trying to discover what underlying mechanisms allow for some animal species to live a very long time with the hope that we might be able to develop therapies that allow people to age more slowly.” In studying protein samples of bats found in caves and mice of the same size, researchers found bats live longer because of a unique protein structure. What is believed is that this may lead to a form of therapy that can be used on people to increase life span.
For centuries man has looked for the fountain of youth. The well-known explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was one of those who sought to find the way to aging slowly or eternal youth. On a voyage to the New World in 1512 he sought to find the place he had learned about on a previous expedition, a place where the Indians said was the fountain of youth. What he found was Florida. Given the great weather of the State of Florida, some might say Ponce de Leon in some ways found the fountain of youth.
Others seek to slow down the aging process in other ways, some by cosmetics, others by surgery and still others by eating or drinking foods and liquids which are said to help retain youth. One organization highlights holistic methods for maintaining youth of the skin, the body and the mind. Like other organizations it concentrates primarily on selling a series of products and services to those interested in longevity.
Around the world people have sought ways to prolong life. In 2006 scientists found an extract of grapes Resveratrol helped fish live longer.
Fish and bats are among the many creatures and ideas scientists have examined in order to help man increase life span. For those interested in longevity and the fountain of youth, science is trying to answer the age-old questions about slowing the process of growing older. This latest development is one scientists say can provide direction for further study, while hopeful folks await the best answers on ways of staying youthful as long as possible.
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