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Behavioral Profiler Gives Personality Synopsis of Michael Jackson Special

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 29, 2009 in Entertainment
Kimon Iannetta is a behavioral profiler using handwriting, one of the world’s foremost experts in her field. She has this to say about Michael Jackson:
From my point of view Michael could not let go of his family and memories associated with it. Signature is an M, and bound to his family name which is spelled out. Although he has unique writing, the lead-in strokes on his words also drag along the memories from the past, as well as his letter L which dips into his memories.
His emotions were expressed through his music and lifestyle, always looking for the little boy lost. His very carefully retraced d strokes show his ability to mostly keep contained as he looked for approval from his family and the difficult world he entered into. His sensitivity was so strong that life was a difficult burden. INFP? (in the extreme)
His brilliance is seen in his ability to see into people, see into the world of dreams, and his ability to strategize. His trust was damaged though he still maintained the dream of wonderment. The pain of his life put out his fire, and he left for Neverland where he could fly free once more.
Handwriting analysis is both science and art, according to its proponents. Ms. Iannetta has been recognized in Hawaii by the Honolulu Police Department, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Jan Weinburg, one of the top 100 attorneys in America, and numerous legal and security authorities as having uncanny abilities in determining personality characteristics in handwriting. She is one of the few handwriting experts who have participated in controlled research. Her evaluations of patients at Hawaii State Hospital, a facility for psychiatric patients, were considered by professional staff and researchers to be as accurate as trained psychologists and psychiatrists.
Jackson s Handwriting
This is a piece of Michael Jackson's writing with key elements that have been highlighted by Kimon Iannetta, handwriting behavioral profiler
There will likely be other personality evaluations following the death of Michael Jackson, but having a handwriting evaluation by a behavioral profiling expert is helpful in providing a brief glimpse into the personality of a unique individual in the entertainment world.
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