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Liveblog Debate: Should Gay Marriage be Legalized?

By David Silverberg     Jul 7, 2009 in Lifestyle's second Liveblog Debate looked at same-sex marriages, which continue to be a controversial subject. Recently, a law recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere has gone into effect in the District of Columbia. The Liveblog Debate can be read below.
In the past eight years, same-sex marriage has become legal in seven countries. The most recent countries to allow gays to wed are Norway, which introduced the law in 2008, and Sweden, in May 2009.
In the U.S., 42 states prohibit gay marriage, including 29 with constitutional amendments, according to Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights advocacy group. Several states allow gay marriage, and gay couples can get married in Vermont starting in September and New Hampshire in January.
Also, a law recognizing same-sex marriages performed elsewhere has gone into effect in the District of Columbia.
According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, 33 per cent of American favor same-sex marriage, a decline of 12 per cent since April.
For decades, gay marriage embroiled people in such a heated debate. Gay activists and supporters want queer communities to receive the same rights awarded to straight couples. They say gay marriage is a step toward the mainstream accepting gay culture and embracing equality.
Critics of gay marriage claim redefining marriage runs contrary to religious doctrine and teaches children to consider alternative lifestyles. Some critics prefer gay couples to receive civil unions, which doesn't offer the same legal rights and benefits of being married.
The Obama administration recently announced extension of some benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees, but stopped short of offering full healthcare coverage. Gay activists have gone on record to claim the federal government isn't doing enough for gay rights, while others charge Obama shouldn't have even allowed benefits to same-sex partners.
Today, we want to hear what you think about this issue. Give us your insights and join the liveblog debate below:
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