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article imageAlabama Continues Its Vibrator Ban in Praise of Decency

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 28, 2009 in Lifestyle
You still can’t buy a vibrator in Alabama. In fact if you sell one, you could get in trouble. What happens if you smuggle one in?
Vibrators may be considered a necessary item and sex toy among the sexually lonely, but if you’re in Alabama, you will have to find other company. Alabama continues its ban on vibrators. This is to maintain decency in the state, according to proponents. But there’s more to decency than just vibrators in Alabama.
What is decent and what is not is apparently a subjective decision, and according to one writer particularly arbitrary. Indeed in 1964 Lenny Bruce was found guilty of what was determined to be an indecent performance in Café Au Go Go in Greenwich Village, but he was posthumously pardoned by George Pataki in 2003. The Governor’s magnanimity came, however, as a way to justify the Iraq invasion when he said, “Freedom of speech is one of the great American liberties, and I hope this pardon serves as a reminder of the precious freedoms we are fighting to preserve as we continue to wage the war on terrorism.”
That same year Bono, the well-know entertainer and activist, declared enthusiastically in response to receiving an award at the Golden Globes, “This is really, really fucking brilliant.” Despite the prohibitions on profanity the FCC selectively ruled Bono had not offended decency standards because the word was simply “unfortunate” and “isolated and nonsexual.” It was explained as being an exclamation as opposed to be referring to something sexual. These are some examples of how selective media and the FCC, as well as state decency codes, can make rules depending upon the person and the situation, Alternet maintains.
Now in the spirit of finding out what Americans think about decency, a poll is being taken about how comfortable folks might feel just talking about vibrators and their use. Men are asked to contribute their answers. Perhaps that’s because women are already talking about them, as Barbara Walters and friends did on The View not long ago.
A Huffington Post writer, Ethan Imboden, wrote about his amazement that the media becomes so undone about trifles such as talk about vibrators, as the incident on The View demonstrated. He writes he was heartened to hear the women talk openly about sex, especially their use of vibrators and wrote: “We're all here because someone somewhere had sex. Allow me to provide a reassuring report from the front lines of the booming Sexual Wellbeing market - you aren't alone. Everybody does it differently, but trust me, everybody's "doing it."
Someone perhaps needs to tell Alabama since everyone isn’t “doing it,” at least with vibrators, there. And no one seems to know, or at least write about, what happens to someone if caught with a vibrator in Alabama they didn’t purchase it in that particular state
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