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article imageOp-Ed: ‘This is not America’

By Alethea Borgman     Jun 27, 2009 in Entertainment
First of all music is a personal thing. If it wasn't then I’d love the Spice girls, Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson.
Aha, but we do, according to Sky news, BBC and every media in the land just now.
If an alien from Mars were to look upon the overwhelming media coverage following the tragic, sad and unexpected death of Michael Jackson, they could be forgiven for assuming that all humans download at birth, 'Thriller' and 'Bad' which they might imagine are staple requisites for life on Earth.
Yes, you guessed it; I’m not a fan but I do quite appreciate the impact that this great iconic, magical, music maestro has had on the man in the street, or is that ' The man in the mirror?'
Placed on stage, just 5 years after his birth, some might say that Michael Jackson was robbed of his childhood years in favour of parents who craved fortune and fame.
I don't think that was the case.
He was clearly talented and in those days, parents wanted the best for their kids. Unlike today, where, often they see an opportunity to catapult [their] empty lives and fill in the blanks for their own shortcomings.
Whether they indoctrinated him or not, Jackson was left with little choice but to follow the lime-light. This young little front-line-singer of the 'Jackson five' was destined for a rocky journey along the dubious and money grabbing path, courtesy of music aficionados and cash hungry music bosses; all who make-up the entertainment world that would in-prison him with armoured complication in later years.
P Diddy gave a statement on Michael Jackson’s death; ‘He taught me to see the beat’ as opposed ‘to hearing the beat.’
So true. But hey, I'm no expert but isn't it wonderful that he has inspired even the most successful and cool artists of today?
I remember when Princess Diana died. Once again, I wasn’t a fan. You can be forgiven for thinking that I have an aversion to global iconic figures that drown society via media saturation in the name of profit [for them of course.]
I wonder what might have happened if she hadn't married Prince Charles? Would she have been known for her great chairty work and whipped up an insatiable long term love affair with the media?
What a frenzy and how much money was made off the back of it?
People who hadn't considered Diana's place in the monarchy suddenly emerged with flowers and RIP messages,on a massive scale and her story continues to be the subject of conspiracy today.
People are personal, music is personal, film is personal, food is personal, and where we live is personal.
If David Bowie died tomorrow, I’d need to take a week off, lie down in a darkened with a strong drink.
Most of you may disagree, an ounce of you might agree.
The media has a strange ability to create waves of hype which inturn, convince people that they do care, even though they haven't ever bothered to dust-off a Michael Jackson album in over 20 years.
Michael Jackson's father is quoted as saying; 'Michael's legacy would leave him larger in death than he was in life.'
How very honest
‘This is not America’ is a song that was written by Davie Bowie and very personal to me. Anything that Michael Jackson wrote or performed wouldn’t come close in my eyes, but as I say, music is personal.
It's a favourite but it's also a song that reminds me that if you conquer the states in the entertainment sense, then you are on the road to rack and ruin.
Too much money, too much time, out of touch with reality and not enough to do!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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