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article imageBrüno Scene Cut Out of Respect for the King of Pop

By Cristina Quiñones     Jun 27, 2009 in World
Although Sacha Baron Cohen owes his fame to his vulgar and shocking humor, viewers saw a more censored side of him on Thursday at the L.A. premier of his latest film, "Brüno."
In the tradition of his earlier films, "Ali G Indahouse" and "Borat:Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," "Brüno" is a mockumentary based upon one of Cohen’s personas from "Da Ali G. Show" T.V. series. The comedy follows Brüno, a gay fashion reporter from Austria, as he travels North America on a journey full of fashion shows, homophobes, and an adopted African baby.
In the film’s now controversial scene, Brüno interviews LaToya Jackson in his chic L.A. apartment. He makes her sit on his “chairs,” which are Mexican workers bending over on their hands and knees, and serves her sushi off of the hairy body of another naked Mexican worker. In the process, Brüno pokes fun at Michael Jackson’s high-pitched voice and white glove and steals LaToya’s PDA. The scene ends when LaToya abruptly stops the interview as Brüno dictates the King of Pop’s phone number to his assistant in German.
Although studio executives decided to cut LaToya’s scene hours before the film’s premier, it remains uncertain whether or not the scene will make it into the film’s theatrical release on July 10.
In spite of the cut scene, it can be argued that one final, unintentional “joke” unfolded as a result of "Brüno’s" premier in L.A. On Thursday, countless Michael Jackson fans discovered that they had visited the wrong star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when they mistook the star honoring Michael Jackson, the radio talk show host, for the star belonging to the King of Pop. In an ironic twist of fate, the King of Pop’s star was covered by the red carpet set up for Brüno’s premier.
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