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Sex Still Joy for Older Women

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 26, 2009 in Lifestyle
The common misconception women lose interest in sex after menopause, is plainly that, a misconception. Science tells us indeed women don’t lose interest, remain active sexually, and find joy in sex even when they are elderly.
A new University of California-San Francisco study shows that sexual activity continues among racial groups of middle aged and elderly women. 2000 women were studied, ranging in age from 48 to 80. 43 percent reported at least moderate sexual desire and 60 percent had been sexually active in the 90 days prior to the study.
Half of the women surveyed described their sex lives as satisfactory to high. More than one quarter of women over the age of 65 continue to express moderate to high interest in sex. Those who were inactive reported the major part of the problem as either having no problem or the problem having physical problems or lack of interest. Of racial groups African-American women were more likely than white women to desire sex but less likely to report having it regularly. Sexually active Latinas were more likely to report moderate sexual satisfaction than their white counterparts.
For seniors sex is a natural and healthy lifestyle, according to medical researchers and those advocating the continuation of sex into later years. A Canadian survey revealed most people over age 65 said sex was important and the majority considering themselves sexually active.
Now this is all good news for older guys. That’s because medicine has determined sexual activity can prolong a person’s life. These are a few research data sources reported:
• A study on aging from Duke in the 1970s found that for men the frequency of sexual intercourse was associated with lower death rates. For women the enjoyment of intercourse was associated with longer life.
• A Swedish study found increased risk of death in men who gave up sexual intercourse.
• A study published in 1976 found that sexual dissatisfaction was a risk factor for heart attacks in women. Now a new study published in the esteemed British Medical Journal offers more good news. The findings suggest that men who have frequent sex are less likely to die at an early age.
This might be a signal for older men to find a mate as they age, especially if they want their years to be healthy and long. There seem to be enough older women around interested in sex and finding it fun to make the search worthwhile.
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