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article imageOp-Ed: What Michael Jackson meant to me

By Sitafa Harden     Jun 25, 2009 in Entertainment
While the media and entertainment worlds struggle to recap Michael Jackson's brilliant life in a blurb, many declaring him a bizarre mystery and choosing to dwell on his trials, his true fans know better.
For me, there is no way to write an unemotional article about Jackson's death. He died Thursday at 2:26PM PST at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA of full cardiac arrest.
As a journalist, I should be able to analyze the facts clearly, coolly, briefly, without injecting my own opinion. Without taking it personally. But tonight that is impossible.
Tonight I am not a journalist. Instead I am just one of a myriad of Jackson's stunned and heartbroken fans struggling to put his loss into words.
As a writer, I understand how a person's art, their God-given craft is really the truest expression of their soul.
So, to the media I say this: If you want to know who Jackson was, listen to his music.
When Jackson sang, when he danced, he was gifting us with the very essence of himself. It was pure, untainted, lovely in its formless elegance. Timeless in its beauty.
If music could have taken on a body, I believe that Jackson would have been its glorious personification.
Jackson loved his fans perhaps to a fault. And to us, he was so much more than an entertainer. Through his music he was our friend, and we find ourselves deeply diminished by his passing.
But to his fans I say: Take heart.
Because as sad as I am, I am equally certain that Jackson has simply gone on to wherever all beautiful things go.
And with all my heart I wish him everlasting peace in that place.
"I just want you to recognize me in the temple. You can't hurt me I found peace within myself."
~ from "Jam", Michael Jackson.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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