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article imageAl Gores Goes to Washington to push climate change bill

By Andrew Moran     Jun 25, 2009 in Politics
Former Vice-President Al Gore will be in Washington on Thursday to appeal to reluctant lawmakers to pass the climate change bill that Obama has urged the House of Representatives to pass.
The former United States Democratic Vice-President, Academy Award Winner and Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore will be appearing in front of the U.S. House Democrats to sway reluctant lawmakers who do not side with Al Gore and his followers.
The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arranged the conference in order to pass a controversial climate change bill in order to win confidence from her fellow members. The 1,201 page climate change bill would include: $8 billion in Energy Department loans to help carmakers develop more fuel efficient vehicles, creating a cap-and-trade system, would force utilities to get fifteen percent of their energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass by 2020 and other things that Republicans say it is, “a massive tax on energy use and a job-killer in the midst of a recession,” and they have also used billionaire investor Warren Buffet’s criticism of telling CNBC, “It’s a huge tax and there’s no sense in calling it anything else..”
Since this climate change bill came into existence, the environmentalist lobbying has increased and according to Politico, “the climate change lobbying has dominated ten firms,” such as: Alpine Group, Ogilvy Government Relations, Hunton & Williams LLP and many others.
But this climate change phenomena has become so bad that some people, such as Climate’s Progress’s Joe Romm blamed global warming for Tiger Woods’s loss at this year’s U.S. Open.
Support for this bill is growing within Washington however, some, like Paul Driessen who is the Senior Policy Advisor for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and Congress of Racial Equality and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death, believes that the Obama Administration’s report on climate change is deceitful, scare-mongering and bogus science.
In a report, Mr. Driessen explains, “Issue another report by government scientists carefully selected to exclude any who don’t subscribe to climate Armageddon. Ignore contrary data and analyses. Crank out more bogus computer-generated worst-case scenarios. Hire an activist media firm that specializes in environmental scare campaigns. And spend tens of millions hyping every imaginable climate disaster:
Rising sea levels, floods in lower Manhattan, California beaches permanently submerged. Ferocious hurricanes, floods and droughts. Food shortages, epidemic diseases, a quadrupling of heat-wave deaths in Chicago. Aged sewer systems convulsing from massive storm runoff. Wildflowers disappearing from Rocky Mountain slopes and polar bears from the Arctic. Leisure time gone, as people struggle to survive.”
According to the Environmental Protection Agency the average household cost would increase per year by $80-$111.
In a recent poll, 72% of Americans believe that the government should be doing more to regulate global warming and greenhouse gases. While 52% do not support a cap-and-trade system.
On Monday, Pres. Obama gave a White House press conference regarding the status of the climate change bill, “transform the way we produce and use energy in America."
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