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article imageOp-Ed: Gloria Arroyo and Her Trips Abroad

By Maria Narissa Aranzanso     Jun 25, 2009 in Politics
As added score to the disapproval by the citizenry about her plans of running as congresswoman in Pampanga, her hometown in the northern part of Luzon, President Gloria Arroyo is criticized because of her frequent trips abroad.
Gloria Arroyo's presumed interest to run as congresswoman in Pampanga is also believed as her way of evading future and possible cases expected to be filed against her when her term ends.
GMA News TV reported that one of the senators, Senator Francis Escudero, raised a question if the frequent trips abroad are benefiting the country. There are also claims which tell that she had already traveled 50 times with a total of 135 days from 2001 with millions of pesos spent from the nation’s funds. What displeased more a lot of Filipinos is she also brings with her a brigade of subservient supporters – cabinet members, lawmakers or representatives, sometimes her family members – not forgetting about some businesspeople.
To challenge her detractors, Malacañang and the president argue that the travels abroad bring more benefits than drawbacks to the Filipino people by inviting foreign investors to do business with the Philippines, by opening doors for the OFWs from different countries, and by borrowing huge amounts of money for the different projects intended for the people and for the country.
The predicament lies to the realization of these ‘fruits’ or benefits that the citizenry is supposed to receive. Most of the Filipino people are having this difficulty believing the promises behind the trips, and finding significance of the president travelling, with a brigade of people whose travel expenses were also obtained from the nation’s funds, for the welfare of the people.
It is now a question of how sincere the President is in believing that the nation is developing. In every part of the government there is graft and corruption which her administration had failed to bring an end to, or at least curtail its proliferation. In every part of the country, there is poverty, unemployment, and lawlessness, which are results of the lack of projects, plans, and will to alleviate the deteriorating condition of Filipinos, that could have been brought forth by the ‘fruits’ of those trips abroad.
It is undeniably beyond belief how President Gloria Arroyo holds on to her confidence that the nation will rise with her governance, and with her frequent trips abroad.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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