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Ocean Zoning Laws In the Works?

By Gar Swaffar     Jun 19, 2009 in Environment
Is there a move afoot from President Obama's administration to create enforcement zones in the Great Lakes, Oceans and coastal areas?
In what may be a controversial move to regulate even more closely both the coastal areas, Great Lakes region, and oceans surrounding the United States and its territories and possessions the White House has caused to issued a memorandum.
The memorandum details the creation of a task force to consider how best to deal with the issues including the degradation of the waterways and shorelines.
The oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes are noted as being under stress and also notes those stresses as;
water pollution and degraded coastal water quality caused by industrial and commercial activities both onshore and offshore, habitat loss, fishing impacts, invasive species, disease, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification.
While few can disagree with the need to safeguard the waterways of this nation, the inclusion of
Renewable energy, shipping, and aquaculture in the list of stresses as a part of the environmental challenges facing the waterways may cause some concern for individuals and companies attempting to add renewable energy sources to the nations power grid.
Wind farms, wave/ tidal power generators, all could come under increased scrutiny and more difficult burdens of assurances of harmless affects on the ecosystems being utilized.
The President has called for an increase in the amount of power generated by renewable energy sources, this latest memorandum may be seen by some in the alternative energy camp as a step backward from that goal.
One stated goal of the Ocean Policy Task Force will be The Task Force's recommendations and frameworks should be cost effective and improve coordination across Federal agencies.
Coordination across Federal agencies is a laudable goal which has been paid lip service across many administrations, and is yet to be fully realized.
Also included is the demise of the Task Force.
The Task Force shall terminate upon the completion of its duties.
Any guesses on which century that will occur?
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