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article imageSusan Boyle gets some encouragement from famous celebrities

By Nikki Weingartner     Jun 19, 2009 in Entertainment
She shocked an audience and the judges on "Britain's Got Talent." Her name has made headlines for odd behaviours. Now, Susan Boyle is getting some advice from Broadway greats telling the world that she would be a great addition.
Although it has been a nearly two weeks since Susan Boyle voluntarily sought respite in a London mental health facility, Priory Clinic, after having what appeared to be a breakdown in her hotel room following her second-place win, the talented woman appears to be "OK." According to a news report just a few days following the incident, her brother, Gerry Boyle, described the 48-year-old singing sensation as now being:
"a lot more like herself "
This brief explanation of her health upon release seems to be a bit more positive than recent reports that have been released by local London papers. One such report in the thelondonpaper explained witness accounts of Susan, who they are now calling "SoBo" as "acting weird" after checking in to the Radisson SAS Hotel with other finalists, all of whom were to be performing at a concert. One alleged witness said that "she was acting weird, scratching her belly with her top pulled up" while another said that “She kept shouting, ‘I want my cat! I need my cat!’ I think people felt sorry for her as she was clearly unhappy.”
Susan was believed to have missed the concert due to what is being called fatigue as she was reportedly taken out of her hotel room, down the fire escape and back to London. This is not the first concert that she has missed since placing a wonderful second in the Britain's Got Talent television programme, bringing to light her ability to endure concert tours. She missed a concert in Manchester, England last week, under doctor's orders to rest.
The spokesperson for Susan denied that she was calling out for her cat and said “she’s just tired. She’s going back to London for a sleep and a bit of rest.”
There have been some rumors that Ms. Boyle might be bringing her talent to the United States. The response from many famous talents in America has been more than positive, with names like Liza Minnelli and Dolly Parton stating they think she would be "great" on Broadway.
Minnelli did offer up some advice with regards to the pressures that occur in showbiz, stating that she would be wonderful “If she could stand the pressure."
Another celebrity, Allison Janney, explained the new found media whirlwind in the MSNBC article, stating that Boyle
will shine once the media firestorm surrounding her calms
Many veterans in the business have nothing but positive for the woman who walked onto a stage and wowed the audience with her vocals. Apparently, she not only has the voice for Broadway but the "attitude" to go with with it.
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