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article imageIsraeli scientists can kill sound waves

By Saad Khan     Jun 19, 2009 in Technology
Israeli scientists have succeeded in creating a black hole that can effectively kill sound waves. The duration of sound vacuum, however, is just eight milliseconds.
Israeli scientists have succeeded in creating a black hole that can suck acoustic waves. The experiment took place at the Israel Institute of Technology under the supervision of Jeff Steinhauer.
The experiment used the Bose-Einstein condensate -- that is a cloud of atoms chilled at near absolute-zero temperature -- to create a sonic black hole. The scientists placed two atomic clouds with a little distance between them. As the particles moved very quickly through the gap, it effectively blocked the sound waves.
The official scientific report said
We have created the analogue of a black hole in a Bose-Einstein condensate. In this sonic black hole, sound waves, rather than light waves, cannot escape the event horizon. The black hole is realized via a counterintuitive density inversion, in which an attractive potential repels the atoms. This allows for measured flow speeds which cross and exceed the speed of sound by an order of magnitude. The Landau critical velocity is therefore surpassed. The point where the flow speed equals the speed of sound is the event horizon. The effective gravity is determined from the profiles of the velocity and speed of sound.
The black hole lasted for only eight milliseconds before the atoms dissipated due to heat. Scientists have long researched about black holes and their implication on our daily lives. So far, there has been no significant success in these efforts.
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