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article imageMajor Report Declares Effect of Climate Change Worsening

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 17, 2009 in Environment
The heat index puts the temperature over 100 degrees in Louisiana. Tornados have been front page news throughout the region. All this comes at a time when a new report gives strong evidence of climate change increasing in severity.
President Obama’s administration just put out a new report from the scientific community with clear evidence on the effects of global warming, asking the public to make changes to help prevent the consequences of global warming, reported to be far worse than originally documented.
For the past 30 years climate change has been revealed in the United States with heavy rains, rising sea levels and very hot summers. This comes from 30 scientists from 13 different government agencies.
By the end of the century the change will be even more severe and the rate of change accelerating, according to Suzanne Goldenberg who is connected with the recent US climate report. She goes on to say, 'It encapsulates everything from the economy to human health. The report maintains, "The projected rapid rate and large amount of climate change over this century will challenge the ability of society and natural systems to adapt."
This recent report is said to be written in clear and simple language without the usual scientific jargon so the public will understand it. The report, according to Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren and the head of the National Oceanic and Atmosheric Administration (NOAA) Jane Lubchenco, is called a “game-changer” in that it shows the immediacy of the issues and the climate change happening now. Here are some of the specifics contained in the report.
“Average temperatures in the US have risen by1.5F (-17C) over the last 50 years. Rainfall in major storms has increased 20% over the last 100 years - with the heaviest downpours in the north-east. Sea levels have risen up to eight inches along some parts of the east coast.”
The report states that if the public refuses to act on these problems, temperatures could rise as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit, with devastating consequences to the food supply and catastrophic weather occurrences in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Last week in Texas, severe weather with unusual patterns caused evacuations in Dallas after major flooding. The Dallas airport kept passengers away from the windows, and many people couldn’t get flights out for nearly 30 hours. Last year severe storms killed many people in the South and were said to be the worst in 20 years.
Severe tornados have been documented across the middle of the United States into the South, of such magnitude that people have lost homes and had to take special precautions, even as the hurricane season begins shortly. Severe weather patterns are documented across the country.
In the meantime Governors such as Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin continue to call for “drill, baby drill” even as documentation reveals the effects of oil and gas drilling on climate change. Reports show “sloppy industrial practices make oil and gas drilling the second-largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in New Mexico, where Governor Richardson has sounded the alarm about the threat to the state outlined in 2005.
In the meantime the Obama administration clearly has mandated a new direction for alternative energy, even as the price of gas goes up. With this new report, will the titans of oil and gas and their advocates, including T. Boone Pickens, the reported savior with natural gas or fractured drilling and Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal, Governors of oil-producing states, win out or will those called tree-huggers? Scientific reports may not be believable by some, but are the risks sufficient for folks to consider what the problems might be for everyone if consequences of climate change become irreversible?
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