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article imageTwitters in Iran- Voices From the Darkness

By KJ Mullins     Jun 16, 2009 in World
Twitter is one of the few outlets that the people in Tehran have of getting their voice out. The government is shutting down social networks as quickly as they can. We can only hope that those who are getting their messages out will survive.
This report isn't from media sources but from the people trapped in a silent darkness in Iran. They know what is going on even if media isn't allowed in to report the details.
For the protection of those who have been able to get their voice out I am withholding their twitter names.
Here are a few of their voices.
is reporting that many of the arrested have been taken to Evin in the past 24 hours. Evin is under heavy protection.
In his group of friends one has been confirmed arrested and two more are missing. Last night a friend's home was attacked and the family was beaten. The brother was taken away as the police destroyed his home.
He reports that most of the roads out of Tehran have been blocked. The hotels are under high security so that Iranians are unable to go there to contact the foreign press. There are rumors that foreign embassies are preparing to flee Iran.
Security is attacking anyone with laptops and cameras in the street.
A girl in the midst of the protests is begging for journalists to get the word out, to give freedom of speech to those who are being silenced.
Another twitter user says that the media is reporting that those killed have been as a result of aggressive crowds.
I am following the twits of an Iranian student from the University. He is reporting that Mobina Ehtrami, Fateme Borati, Kasra Sharafi, Kambiz Shoaee & Mohsen Imani have been killed by ansar. He is also saying that the government is saying that the protests are in support of Ahmadynezhad. His summary of Khamenyi's speech is:
as your God we say the election was good and for your own sake you should accept it.
This man has had to run for his life from his dorms over the course of the past few days. He has witnessed the death of classmates. His voice has been heard.
The voices coming out of Iran are few. They refuse to be silenced. We must make sure those voices are heard.
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