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article imageKoogle: A kosher Google for orthodox Jews

By Chris Stewart     Jun 15, 2009 in Internet
A new all Hebrew website has been created as a tool for orthodox Jewish users who are weary of dealing with explicit content available through traditional search engines.
Depending on your age, ethnicity, or location; the word "Koogle" may mean one of several things to you. In the early 1970's, "Koogle" was pantry-food giant Kraft's latest chocolate peanut butter product. It was eventually discontinued. Perhaps the only other widely-known connotation of the word relates to "kugel," a traditional Jewish desert dish.
This latter definition relates to the Koogle; the latest fine-tuned, audience-specific take on a major website. Koogle has been dubbed "the kosher Google" and was developed by Yossi Altman. According to Yahoo Tech,
Altman describes Koogle and its purpose as: "...a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet."
Other projects along the same lines have been launched in recent years, such as the Christian-based "Conservapedia" which offers a conservative answer to Wikipedia, with definitions of hop-button items such as "homosexuality" or "abortion" being defined and described based on the site creator's interpretation of Biblical principle.
Orthodox Jews follow strict rules regarding issues of daily life, interaction and information. For them, a traditional internet search engine such as Google can pose a number of problems. Whether it is the inundation of sexually explicit material or simply difficulty in finding items and groups that identify with someone seeking kosher business and interaction; an orthodox Jew stands to benefit much from their own search engine.
Koogle will disallow images deemed inappropriate for an orthodox man. It will also aid them in linking to Jewish and Israeli news, shopping, discussion forums, and much more.
Another feature of the site involves its Saturday (the traditional "Sabbath" for Jewish individuals) practices.
"If you try to buy something on the Sabbath, it gets stuck and won't let you," says creator Altman.
The website, located at interface is entirely in Hebrew.
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