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article imageCarradine Death Not Suicide According to Forensic Experts

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 11, 2009 in Crime
David Carradine was found dead on June 4 in Thailand. The circumstances surrounding his death are being examined by forensic experts who believe his death was no suicide.
On the Larry King Live Show last week experts in the United States speculated on the possible cause of Carradine's death. They observed he participated in thrill-seeking behavior. Court documents of Carradine's last divorce, according to the Smoking Gun that put the papers online, revealed Carradine was involved in sex practices said able to lead to death. Thai experts have now examined the death scene and evidence and believe Carradine's death was no accident, as was originally reported by police in Thailand. Instead forensic experts believe Carradine died from a sex game gone awry. Carradine was the actor known for the Kung Fu series.
According to reports of the crime scene, Carradine's body was tied with ropes in an unusual fashion that looked like he had been involved in a sex game gone bad. The Carradine family was reported to be troubled about the conflicting accounts of Carradine's death and asked for an investigation, as observed by Mark Geragos, the attorney for brother Keith Carradine.
Thailand's top forensics doctor Porntip Rojanasunan states, "It was neither suicide nor murder, he died after he had an orgasm. There was a rope tied around his neck and another rope tied to his genitals, and the two ropes were tied together and they hung in the closet." Surveillance footage at Bangkok's Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel where Carradine was staying showed no one entered the room before Carradine died. Authorities in Thailand have therefore ruled out foul play.
ABC News reported on July 5 evidence showed Carradine was a "lifelong practitioner of the secretive and dangerous practice, one that can go fatally awry,"referring to the sexual practice called auto erotic asphyxia."
According to psychiatrists, auto erotic asphyxia is a potentially lethal sexual practice in which a peson is aroused sexually when the oxygen supply to the brain is cut off. It is referred to in the DSM-IV as similar to the condition described as masochism, a behavior that "results from intense and recurring fantasies or sexual urges over at least six months must be causing clinical stress and/or impairment (social, occupational, other).".
Medical science has known about hypoxyphilia for about 100 years, and to others for even longer since it is said to be an ancient practice. What is known about it, according to experts, comes from the mishaps which have caused death.
Even though experts maintain Carradine's death was not a suicide, Dr. Michael Baden, the forensics expert hired by the family to examine the body,, said he'll need to review additional information from Thailand authorities in order to make the final conclusion about the cause of death of the actor.
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