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article imageOp-Ed: Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa?

By Mark Alexander     Jun 10, 2009 in Sports
It has been leaked to the media recently that Ottawa Senators winger Dany Heatley is unhappy and has requested a trade via his agent.
Word has recently surfaced that Sens winger Dany Heatley has requested a trade through his agent. Citing a difference of opinion with new coach Cory Clouston as the main reason, Heatley wants out. Difference of opinion being that Clouston wants Heatley to work for his goals and Heatley couldn't be bothered because he has Jason Spezza doing all the work while he stands in the slot waiting for the one timer, that 9 times out of ten, he misses the net with or fans on. Of course, a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then and he gets a few goals out of it (sarcasm). Opponents have been getting wise to this strategy and Clouston wants Heatley to mix it up a little and find other ways to use his unquestionable knack for finding the net.
The debate has gone on all year over who has to go.... Spezza or Heatley. Well, Sens fans, now you have your answer and in my opinion, things could not have worked out any better for the Sens. Jason Spezza is improving every year and is among the premier playmaking centers in the league while becoming less and less of a defensive liability out there at the same time. Spezza is the main reason Heatley has had back to back 50 goal seasons and all the while he lets Spezz take all the criticism during the bad times. Nice team mate. Maybe now we'll see Spezza for what he is: a potential leader on this team who is an natural talent and one of the best players to ever pull on a Sens' Jersey. And to think, management gave Mr. Selfish, Spoiled, Lazy Multimillionaire the A this season. Probably because he whined or threw some sort of tantrum.
All of this brings up interesting options for Bryan Murray. What will he get in return for Heatley? I'm hearing the Oilers, Sharks, Flames and Blue Jackets are interested at this point. Nash for Heatley would be interesting, as would Camalleri plus prospects or maybe even Patrick Marleau. How about Lecavalier for Heatley? All these are possibilities along with moving up in the draft or getting a stable of young, cheap, blue chip prospects and using the new cap space to sign say.... Hossa (how ironic would THAT be) or another top tier free agent.
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