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Ottawa criticized for poor communications

By Jan Rose     Jun 9, 2009 in Politics
Talking points in an internal memo prepared for Conservative members of the Alberta legislative assembly reveals a growing division between federal and provincial Tories.
Issues include the tar sands and climate change negotiations, and employment insurance. .Prepared by the party’s provincial caucus office, the talking points argue that federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is doing more to promote the tar sands than Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
The 11-page memo also suggests communications between Edmonton and Ottawa have fractured on North American climate change negotiations. Ottawa is severely criticized for releasing its green plans through the media before telling the Alberta government.
Senior Alberta federal cabinet minister Jim Prentice says the two governments have excellent communications. He wonders why Alberta premier Ed Stelmach didn’t raise the issue when they met recently.
Stelmach’s office said Monday, the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama releases more information about energy and climate change plans than Harper’s government.
The memo, the latest in a feud between the two levels of government, has seen the province complain about unfair treatment for Alberta on issues such as employment insurance illegibility and per-capita health transfers.
Prentice says he’s seen the document and disputes the claims that Ottawa doesn’t communicate with Alberta.
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