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article imageLaxity with Sex and Alcohol Problem in Military

By Carol Forsloff     Jun 8, 2009 in Lifestyle
Frequent drink and multiple sex partners aren't healthy practices, but some young military folk disregard the notion. Instead critical issues have developed as a result of laxity in these areas.
Young women, barely out of high school, who join the Marines and may end up serving in Iraq have been found to be lax on the unhealthy combination of alcohol and sex. These are issues critical for the military as well as for the long-range health of the women.
Young women, many away from home for the first time for an extended period, were found in a seven page study entitled ., "Relationships among Socio-demographic Markers, Behavioral Risk, and Sexually Transmitted Infections in U. S. Female Marine Corps Recruits," twice as likely to have a sexually transmitted disease, less likely to use condoms and to regularly mix alcohol and sex. decided to look into the matter when some media folk were described as painting leathernecks as a sleazy bunch. Cherrie Boyer, a University of California at San Francisco professor who led the research, clarified the research. The study was conducted in 1999, was a self-administered questionnaire and wasn’t designed to track sexually transmitted diseases. It was really part of a larger study on pregnancy in the Marine Corps to help the military plan for unintended pregnancies. The focus of the research was really on combat readiness, so the study didn’t purposely seek to disparage female Marines, but the results were as noted: higher rates of Chlamydia and gonorrhea, less fond of using condoms during sex and highly likely to mix alcohol and sex.
Last year, it was reported 2,020 Leathernecks contracted Chlamydia , which is the most common STD in the U.S., or an estimated 605 cases per 100,000 Marines. That’s a good deal higher than the 370 cases per 100,000 in the general population, according the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center.
The blogs were quick to pick up on this story with glaring headlines about the sexual promiscuity of female Marines. Some of them maintain recruiters had sex with young women during the recruiting process in the Ukiah office.
Then there’s the problem of sexual assault in the military, which is pronounced according to research studies. The Pentagon states one in three female soldiers will experience sexual assault while serving in the military, compared to one in six women among civilian women.
Some might consider sex education to be part of that basic training if sex is so loosely practiced and a problem in military life.
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