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article imageSpace Travel Takes its Toll on Human Appearance

By M Dee Dubroff     Jun 8, 2009 in Lifestyle
Scientists now claim that traveling in space for many years will adversely affect human appearance because travelers will not be required to exert any effort to either move or keep warm. Read on for balder, shorter and chubbier details.
Space travel is here to stay as earth-bound pioneers envision new frontiers to explore and new thresholds to bravely cross. The intrepid souls who dare to venture into the unknown will do so at a price as according to news sources, making long space journeys are destined to leave astronauts short, fat and very bald. In the words of astro-biologist, Dr. Lewis Dartnell:
“Living without gravity would cause space travelers' bones and muscles not to develop properly, leaving them stunted and weak. Meanwhile, the lack of effort needed to move around in low gravity and a temperature-controlled environment would mean that future spacemen and women are likely to become pretty chubby….They will also have bloated faces and lose their hair because fluid would pool in their skulls and there would be no need for insulation from the cold.”
Launched earlier this year, the Kepler space telescope and is expected to find dozens of Earth-like planets orbiting distant stars. While it seems likely that some may host complex life forms, it could take generations to reach them as even the nearest stars are very far away. Given the time and conditions, a degree in rocket science isn’t necessary to estimate that by the time astronauts reach their destination, any auditions for Star Trek: Another Sequel will be off limits.
It would seem inevitable that a discussion of this nature at the Cheltenham Science Festival would spark a debate about what aliens from other worlds might look like. Once again, according to Dr. Dartnell:
“Certain features of the human body, such as camera-like eyes, head, and legs would evolve time and time again on different worlds, and so many features of alien animals are likely to be instantly recognizable. However, other features of life, such as the number of limbs animals develop, or the shape and color of trees, would be much more variable between worlds.”
And so fellow earthlings, time will tell about what our intrepid space explorers will find. How they will be received is another story.
Has anyone ever considered making another movie about ET, but one that tells the tale of his reaction to bloated, bald earthling invading his time and space?
Steven Spielberg, are you listening?
What do YOU think about this?
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