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Dozens Reply to Call For Male Prostitutes Special

By Jeff Knebel     Jun 8, 2009 in World
Inquiries began pouring in at the Shady Lady Ranch just days after owner Bobbi Davis publicized her plans to erect the new services she hopes will arouse new clientele and help to stimulate the limp industry.
As of Saturday, more than 60 candidates had responded to the Nevada brothel’s recently posted job advertisement for male prostitutes, Davis stated in a recent telephone interview.
“The Shady Lady Ranch is looking for a few good men,” the business’ website states.
Like many other industries adversely suffering from the economic downturn, prostitution, the world’s oldest profession, is undergoing modifications adapting to a changing world.
In an effort to give her business a much needed boost, Davis intends to hire a number of the aspiring gigolos to provide services for potential female clients - a market she views as vastly untouched and potentially very lucrative.
"We've had requests for men in the past, and no one else out there is offering anything like this," Davis said.
Davis said the requests she has received for male prostitutes have come mostly from women, but that she would also welcome business from men seeking men. “Female, male or both – it’ll be up to the individual employee to decide the clients they’ll entertain,” she said.
Particular qualities that Davis is eying in candidates, to the dismay of many, she noted, focus more on a guy’s personality than, say, certain physical attributes thought by some as having more sizable significance.
Davis chuckled when asked the question: “does ‘size’ matter?”
“That seems to be the ‘big question’ that everyone is asking - if I’m just looking for a bunch of ‘well-equipped’ guys,” she said. “At this point the issue isn’t a big concern, but we’ll just have to wait and see how things go.”
Ideal candidates, Davis said, are men in their early 30s to mid-50s who: are in good shape, have a strong work ethic, are service-oriented, have a willingness to please, and have a positive attitude. Interviews for the positions will begin in roughly a month, according to Davis, and will be held at the Shady Lady Ranch.
The Shady Lady isn’t the only Nevada brothel entertaining the idea of hiring male prostitutes. Other venues across the state also have inquired about adding men to the menu, the Associated Press reported. Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss is planning to open an all-male brothel on a 60 acre plot near Pahrump.
So, there are plenty of men out there wanting to be professional dapper dudes. The question, yet to be answered, is: will women go for male prostitution? If so, the new industry’s dynamics – service, clientele and marketing, factors – will, over time, define themselves.
What is it, then, that women really want?
A lot of the same things that men seek from prostitution, according to Davis; but women, unlike most men, usually want more romance and foreplay during the experience.
“Men tend to want younger, better looking women,” she said; “whereas women usually want men with more experience. But, like with men, women just want someone to have a nice time with; they want someone to take care of their needs without any commitments. There are a lot of career-minded women out there who are looking for romance but not necessarily a relationship."
The Shady Lady is also planning to design date-like scenarios for its clients. Davis says she intends to hold various social events for its guests, and also offer venues like romantic dinners, dancing, and pool parties.
The cost for a male professional will be the same as that of a female: $500 for two hours, $800 for three. But pricing may change, as women usually desire more time with their men-for-hire, Davis said. "Seducing a woman and seducing a man are different things completely. One can take a few minutes, the other can take hours."
Davis is confident with her new venture. She feels women have become more liberated in many ways over recent years, and that they have gained more of an independent identity for themselves.
Although Nevada state law permits legal prostitution of both genders, licensing male prostitutes might pose a problem. Health codes that regulate the business are primarily written to apply to female prostitutes, one of which requires that working girls undergo regular mandatory cervical exams, according to the Nevada Brothel Owners’ Association.
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