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article imageMicrosoft announces hands-free gaming and Milo

By Brenton Currie     Jun 1, 2009 in Technology
Microsoft has announced overnight groundbreaking new technology which allows X-box 360 gamers to use their full body to control and play games.
The news, which was announced at the annual E3 gaming conference, brings Microsoft into the hands-free arena, and almost beats the Nintendo Wii hands down with its capabilities.The system works by using a small black device which sits below your TV and detects movement using hundreds of sensors.
Codenamed Project Natal, the system allows gamers to play games and control their Xbox using their whole body movements, something which has been seen before in the Playstation Eye Toy. However this new add on takes things one step further - it can run with any game and uses complex technologies such as facial recognition to authenticate users on Xbox Live.
Multiple users can also use the system at once and no controllers are needed at all. And this latest development could signify the end of the major console cycle, something which sees new systems released every few years. Xbox boss Don Mattrick told MCV
“This takes us into the new era of interactive entertainment without releasing a new console.”
But its likely that the new technology won't be seen before next year at the earliest, when games will begin being released that use this new device for game play.
And that's not all - they also announced another new project'- 'Project Milo'which is absolutely amazing.Basically Milo is a virtual person, who acts as though he is a real human being. He reads (using Natal) the players facial expressions, and reacts accordingly. Microsoft was short on details, but something on this scale has never been seen before (except in Sci-fi movies) so expect to see more about it in the coming months.
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