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article imageDeranged killer electrocuted six using a homemade electric chair

By Sukhdeep Chhabra     May 30, 2009 in Crime
A power station worker, known to kill his victims by strapping them down to an electric chair and electrocuting them has been nabbed by the police.
Known only as ‘Dmtry K’, a Russian power station worker murdered at least six people by electrocuting them using a homemade electric chair. He used to lure the victims to his home in Yekaterinburg, Russia using an internet advertisement as a supplier for computer parts. The unsuspecting victim was then made to sit on the chair in his garage and then overpowered and strapped down.
‘Dmtry K’, 30 was traced down using fingerprints found on the burnt corpse of one of his victims, Anton A. The murderer said, he had refined the electric chair after killing Anton, his first victim, whom he killed by wrapping up his body in copper wires connected to four powerful capacitors. Anton's body was so badly burnt that police could only identify him by dental records, reports ninemsn news. The police believe he dumped the bodies of his victims in forests on the city’s outskirts before setting them on fire.
Investigator Vladimir Davydov was quoted as saying, “He attacked this victim (Anton) in his garage, tied him into his ‘death chair’ and sent a huge electric charge through his body.”
While he confessed to the police about the murder of Anton, he also went so far as to brag that he would admit to at least five other murders, which the police suspect him of, if only they could find the bodies.
The sadistic killer also claimed to have invented an electrified carpet, which would kill people the moment they stepped on it, a camera that blasted victims with an electromagnetic ray, erasing their memories and a machine that would stop passing cars by disabling the motor and then electrocute the driver.
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