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Man sets world record by transporting 17 kg maggots in his mouth

By Subhabrata Das     May 28, 2009 in World
A man from East London has broken what has been billed as one of the "grossest" world records ever by moving 17 kg of live maggots in his mouth.
Charlie Bell, a former steel worker, smashed the world record for “most amount of maggots moved by the mouth in one hour.” Bell reportedly carried two square foot of live maggots in one hour from one container to another using only his mouth.
The-35-year-old from Leyton, East London, admitted "It was disgusting.”
In an interview, Bell told The Sun he had been practicing this at home with rice for months, but he never had tried a mouthful of maggots before that day.
While talking about the horrible experience, Bell said:
"I didn't realize that they would smell so revolting. They do their business in the tubs and so they stink of ammonia. It was like putting my head down a filthy public toilet."
He also revealed:
"I was gagging and heaving violently but I was determined to do it. I was getting bits of their innards caught in my teeth and gums and my face got very sore. I must have swallowed loads of them but I managed not to be sick."
He needed to move over 15 kg maggots within 60 minutes in order to break the previous record. However, Bell is not sure whether he would try it again if someone beats his current mark, a report said.
Bell also has a YouTube channel which records his other stomach-churning stunts.
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