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Animals Amok on the Streets of St. Helier Special

By Annette Odette Liron     May 28, 2009 in Crime
A gang of teenage boys, charged with a violent attack on a 22-year old man, were told by a Royal Court judge, they had acted like a pack of wild animals. He informed the gang "Your actions are intimidating to members of the public."
The affray was sparked off when under age teenagers, who having drunk copious amount of alcohol, threw a bottle of urine at the 22-year old man and his two female companions.The attack happened after the victim told the youngsters they " should be at home doing their homework".
Their response, captured on CCTV and played to the court yesterday, was to punch the man to the floor and subject him to a continuous flow of punches and vicious kicks. Whilst he lay on the pavement, curled in a ball, he was kicked him 50 times and stamped on twice.
Crown Advocate Conrad Yates told the court: " Fortunately my client's injuries were not serious, but that must be more luck than judgment. This kind of delinquent violence cannot go unpunished and should carry a custodial sentence."
In addition the court was asked to take into consideration various other offenses; stealing 60 bottles of beer and 24 cans of lager, theft of a £450 mountain bike, taking and riding a motorbike without license or insurance, malicious damage and resisting arrest.
Advocates for the six boys pleaded against custodial sentences and told the Jurats of the day, their clients admitted all charges and were extremely sorry and ashamed of their actions.
One of the youths was given six months youth detention and five were sentenced to community service ranging from 95 to 170 hours. Three of the six were also put on probation. If any of the boys re-offend within a year the offender's parents will be fined £500.
The problems associated with violent teenage gangs, boys and girls, many as young as twelve, roaming the town of St Helier after dark and causing mayhem is escalating out of control. The authorities don't know what to do and parents don't seem to care.
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