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Parents Agree to Chemo, Keep Custody of Daniel Hauser

By Blake Hanson     May 27, 2009 in Health
In court today both parents agreed to chemotherapy in exchange for the custody of 13-year old Daniel Hauser, just a day after he returned with his mother after being missing for one week.
Doctors breathed a sigh of relief today after Daniel Hauser was given the go ahead by his parents to begin chemotherapy. The teenage Hodgkins Lymphoma patient was facing severe risks with the tumor now pressing against his airway, according to the Star Tribune.
The boy, whom was given a 95% chance of survival with chemotherapy and 5% without, will begin treatment at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis shortly. Daniel began chemotherapy in February but quit after just one time, citing religious beliefs and a desire for alternative American Indian healing methods.
Daniel Hauser was reunited with his father and 7 siblings on Tuesday on their Sleepy Eye farm after running off with his mother, supposedly to obtain alternative healing methods from the various medical options in Mexico.
What was most intriguing about the Hauser's return home is the method by which they did so. After receiving assistance from a Southern California attorney a film and video company, Asgaard Media donated a flight home in return for an exclusive interview with the mother and son.
Mother Colleen said in the interview that her son Daniel was in obvious pain and threatened running home after his first chemotherapy treatment saying, "...that just broke my heart. I can't have one of my children running away from something that they should face."
Daniel and Colleen fled after X-rays were discovered showing the tumor in Daniel's chest. The X-rays were revealed in court after the two had already left.
Although an FBI affidavit was issued for Colleen Hauser Sheriff Rich Hoffman said that he does not plan to press charges against Colleen since Daniel was brought back voluntarily.
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