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article imageIsraeli report: Venezuela and Bolivia supplying uranium to Iran

By Michael Krebs     May 26, 2009 in World
An Israeli government report claims that Venezuela and Bolivia are supplying Iran with uranium to fuel its nuclear program. A new axis of evil?
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has openly sought and received friendship from Iran, so it may come as no surprise that Venezuela and Bolivia are named in a report by the Israeli government and uncovered by The Associated Press that claims the two countries are supplying Iran with uranium.
"There are reports that Venezuela supplies Iran with uranium for its nuclear program," the Israeli Foreign Ministry document states, according to The Associated Press story. The Israeli report refers to previous Israeli intelligence findings. "Bolivia also supplies uranium to Iran," the report added.
"Venezuela and Bolivia are close allies, and both regimes have a history of opposing U.S. foreign policy and Israeli actions. Venezuela expelled the Israeli ambassador during Israel's offensive in Gaza this year, and Israel retaliated by expelling the Venezuelan envoy. Bolivia cut ties with Israel over the offensive," AP reported.
Iran's ongoing determination to press ahead with its nuclear program is a major challenge to the U.S. and a strategic threat to Israel. While the Obama administration favors talks with Iran, Israel is increasing its military readiness.
Iran has also been developing long-range missile capabilities and has also announced a deployment of warships into international waters, a first for its navy.
"Bolivia has uranium deposits. Venezuela is not currently mining its own estimated 50,000 tons of untapped uranium reserves, according to an analysis published in December by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Carnegie report said, however, that recent collaboration with Iran in strategic minerals has generated speculation that Venezuela could mine uranium for Iran," AP reported.
Israel also claims that Hezbollah has been issued Venezuelan permits to travel freely throughout South America.
AP writes that the Israeli report concludes, "Since Ahmadinejad's rise to power, Tehran has been promoting an aggressive policy aimed at bolstering its ties with Latin American countries with the declared goal of 'bringing America to its knees.'"
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