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article imageOp-Ed: U.S. Bullfights Illegal, Recently Stopped by Humane Activist

By Sandy Sand     May 25, 2009 in Crime
It’s one thing for legal immigrates to the U.S. to bring their traditions with them, but it’s another matter entirely when their traditions buck American ideals and they refuse to be one with America, by inflicting their questionable ethos on us.
All too frequently this is done in border states, Southern California and Los Angeles in particular where, for the most part, authorities have chosen to turn a blind eye to many of the goings on in ethnic communities as well as throughout the city that run counter to American culture and local laws.
One case in point is the utter ignoring of zoning laws perpetuated by the city’s protection of illegal aliens and criminal landlords who illegally convert garages, homes and apartments from single family dwellings to multiple family/multiple people use.
Sporadic police raids do little, but drive them to another location.
Complaints by neighbors -- those tenacious enough to follow through on their complaints -- sit and watch and wait and wait and wait while individual cases drag on and plod their way through the court system.
All one has to do to follow one man’s fight against an illegal conversions -- and not in a “bad” part of town, but in a high-end middle-class neighborhood, which isn’t all that uncommon -- is go to and read his series: Who’s Killing My Neighborhood?
Chapter One was published in July last year and it's still in the phase of to be contiuned...
Not only are conversions illegal, they’re dangerous; unsanitary with frequently anywhere between 20 and 50 people using one bathroom; they’re fire traps; cause illegal parking of dozens of cars; they attract the criminal element of the population; and they lower property values.
Other examples of “it’s their way and the highway for us” is illegal farming; chickens, sheep and goats roaming the streets in certain sections of the city; illegal cock and dog fights and this headline from today’s Los Angeles Daily News: Bullfight in Artesia halted.
The bullfight was halted, not by police, but by a private citizen and member of Humane Officer with Animal Cruelty Investigations.
Informed by a tipster that bulls were being poked, prodded and gored by men using sticks with three-inch sharpened nails hammered into them and covered by ribbons to hid them, the officer showed up to stop the bullfights.
Jane Garrison, spokeswoman for the Acton-based humane group, said:
"This was promoted as a bloodless bullfight. A plain clothed humane officer with the organization saw puncture wounds on several bulls. The officer went to the center of the ring, held up his badge, and shut the bullfight down. He collected more than 30 of those sticks.”
The bullfight was part of a Portuguese Festival held in Artesia, a small community tucked away in the southeast corner of Los Angeles, and was promoted by “Artesia D.E.S,” as “Mano-a-Mano bullfights.
Mano-a-mano, huh? Sounds more like stupid, cruel men against beast, and although the beast is not as bull-headed as the man, it is big, strong, nasty-tempered, but really doesn’t have a fighting chance against its persecutors.
If it were really mano-a-mano it would be a man facing a man, each jabbing the other with nail-embedded sticks, wrapped in pretty ribbons until one said “uncle” or was killed…which ever came first.
I, along with Keith Olbermann, if you’ve ever watched his show, Countdown, on MSNBC, always root for the bull.
I want to see those magnificent beasts gore the hell out of their tormentors.
Anyone participating in bull fighting deserves to be gored, and gored so badly he can't ever get up to be cruel another day. The same goes for the running of the bulls in Pamploma, Spain; another of man’s ultimate stupidity at nearly its worst.
In the meantime, Garrison said:
…no one was arrested but police and the sheriff's department were called and she expects charges to be filed with the district's attorney's office on Tuesday.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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