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Swedish artist sends odd objects by mail

By Chris V. Thangham     May 25, 2009 in Entertainment
An artist from Sweden sends any object such as plastic skeletons and CDs without any box to a fictional recipient. Now his hobby has become a book "To Mr. Cheng."
Swedish artist Eric Ericson has been sending the strangest objects by email addressed to “Mr. Cheng”.
He doesn’t box the items; he just sends them the way they are. He adds the address on the object itself and includes postage stamps.
Now he has written a book “To Mr. Cheng” with the objects that he received in the end.
It contains a human skeleton, a globe, eye glasses, food cans, single cards, CDs, and many more as shown in the pictures below.
Ericson wanted to see what are the objects he can send through the post office and what objects he was able to receive at the other end.
In his interview with, Ericson said he has been doing similar things in the past for fun. He didn’t have the intention to write the book but decided to do it after he collected several objects. asked him what object was difficult for him to send. Ericson replied mannequin was the hardest to ship. He was asked him whether he was obsessed with the postal office.
Yes almost, or at least very interested. I’m very excited about logistics, about the fact that most of the stuff actually arrives. That it works. That you can pay 5.50 [Swedish] kronor [about 70 cents], put it in a mailbox, and the next day the letter arrives in Kiruna [the northernmost city in Sweden].
Ericson added in the end.
I find it fascinating how the whole society works, that people go to work, pay their bills and go on vacation when they should. We’re like ants in a large anthill and we carry out our tasks, even when we don’t want to. We think we’re free, but we’re not. You can’t escape society.
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