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article imageOnly 3% of Americans Live Healthy Lives

By Carol Forsloff     May 22, 2009 in Health
Some people think it is possible to live up to 150 years old. It wouldn’t take a lot of medications to do it either. Read how one man’s secret to longevity; a recipe, if nothing else, for good health if not 150 years of life.
David H. Murdock is 86 years old and was recently visited by Oprah Winfrey to find out why he has such good health and energy as well as high creativity comparable to a man much younger than he is. He says it is simple enough: fruits, vegetables and exercise. Simple for sure, but how many people follow his good advice?
Murdock says he does most of his own grocery shopping, exercising an hour daily and juices vegetables. He keeps trim. He also helped create the North Carolina Research Campus to research the benefits of his regimen, where it was discovered that his advice is sound. Still how many of us read or hear this advice but don’t take it? His advice for what to eat and what to avoid is here.
In 2005 a research study at Michigan State University found that only three percent of Americans practice a healthy lifestyle which requires the following four basic characteristics:
• Being a non-smoker.
• Exercising 30 minutes or more five days per week.
• Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
• Maintaining a healthy weight with a BMI under 25.
The study used 153,000 adults. Matthew Reeves, who is an assistant professor of epidemiology at Michigan State, was surprised with the results that he says shows a very “low prevalence of healthy lifestyles in the United States.” He does say, however, that people can reverse these patterns.
Last year Barbara Walters interviewed a number of people over the age of 100. Most of them controlled their weight, being careful about what they eat in order to do it. She also interviewed doctors on the cutting edge of longevity research. Resveratrol, the ingredient in wine, is said to be especially important to science right now with a high rating given for its benefits in aiding longevity.
It appears that much of what it takes to live healthy lives is actually a matter of choice in how our lives are lived. Knowing that, according to science, we have the power to live long or not depending upon what we do.
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