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article imageThe Triple M-Brett Hudson's A Modern Medical Miracle

By KJ Mullins     May 22, 2009 in Health
Brett Hudson, one of the Hudson Brothers, understands Farrah Fawcett's story of cancer. He was just beds away from her in Germany. He is now cancer free and singing the praises of the German clinic that saved his life.
German doctors are on the cutting edge of cancer treatments. Using a whole body approach clinics are getting results when cancer is caught in time. but not all doctors believe this is the case.
Hudson went to the Klinic in Germany battling Stage 4 throat cancer in 2007. Most of the treatments he received were alternative. At this point Hudson is said to be cancer free.
Hudson has some questions he'd like answered by the United States medical community:
“Why do some medicines cost five to ten times more in the United States than they do in Germany?
“Why don’t we do chemotherapy sensitivity tests here like they do in Germany and other countries?
“And why is the United States of America so far behind in treatment for this horrendous disease?”
The Klinic uses many different approach when it comes to treating cancer. Some of the alternative therapies are nutritional supplements, detoxification, biological/nontoxic treatments that include phytotherapy, mistletoe, hormones, cytokines, biological response modifiers, immune therapy, hyperthermia, Galvanotherapy, and psychological therapies including group therapy, guided imagery and art therapy.
While the Klinic has had positive feedback there is also negative reports on the clinic. Patients are often not told that they will need to return for additional treatments upfront. The cost is roughly $6,000 a week but some treatments can quickly up that price.
There are reports that patients are told that their tumors have been reduced or that the cancer has been cured without testing to verify that claim.
The most positive reports are those from prostate cancer patients.
Not all doctors are behind the programs used in Germany. Dr. Robert McIntosh, MB BS, FRACP of Australia is one who questions the treatments. He has a personal interest, his sister-in-law Robyn died at the clinic after going there fro a last chance at beating breast cancer. Dr. McIntosh is very leery of some of the treatments used at the medical centers in Germany.
McIntosh listed several concerns about his sister-in-law's choice to go to the German clinic where she died. The last of those concerns is quoted in his online paper:
Robyn lost what she most sought: to live. It is very likely that appropriate treatment of the superior vena caval obstruction would have prolonged her life significantly. Robyn died from a complication of her cancer rather than the cancer itself. It is inconceivable that this diagnosis would have been missed by her original oncologist or any other competent physician. On the day of her death she was given drugs to lower her blood pressure on the erroneous premise that her rapid heart rate was due to heart failure, despite the fact that she was profoundly shocked. These medications almost certainly hastened her death.
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