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article imageWill the Peacemaker Obama Satisfy Israeli Hawkish Demands?

By Carol Forsloff     May 20, 2009 in Politics
Pres. Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met on Monday for two hours to discuss peace talks in the Middle East. The outcomes from this meeting are of consequence because of their divergent political views.
George Mirsky, a doctor of historical sciences in Russia, was asked his impression of political differences between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu and how these differences might affect the situation in the Middle East. Dr. Mirsky declared that this current visit comes somewhat late, perhaps because the new president Barack Obama has been concerned about the political direction taken by the Israeli government.
Netanyahu’s government is considered to be a far right one, despite his protestations that Israel wishes to make peace. Dr. Mirsky went on to say Netanyahu’s rise to power has become one of the biggest disappointments for Obama. The Israeli prime minister stands strongly against the concept of two states. He also demands that Palestinians should recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Mirsky went on to say the Arabs are not ready for this. The Russian newspapers hypothesize Israel and the United States may eventually be at loggerheads over the treatment of Iran.
During his meeting with that Netanyahu Obama mentioned that he expects to hear a positive response from Iran about stopping its nuclear program by the end of 2009. He said whereas he's interested in bringing Iran into the world community isn't going to wait forever for that to happen. In addition Obama has stressed the fact that it is important that Netanyahu, considered to be a hardliner when it comes to peace with the Palestinians, return to negotiations with Arab leaders.
In terms of political agreements the United States is interested in a slow-moving approach to economic sanctions against Iran regarding their nuclear program with officials uneasy about resorting to military strikes if diplomacy fails. Netanyahu, on the other hand, favors tough economic sanctions and airstrikes if necessary and at a somewhat earlier point.
Those examining these issues in the political arena maintain Israeli officials are worried that Obama in being a peacemaker might not develop a strong enough policy towards Iran to ensure its ending its program aimed at the possibility of producing nuclear weapons.
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