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Terror Suspects To Be Held Indefinitely Without A Trial?

By Raymond Bochman     May 14, 2009 in Politics
As part of a "re-tool" of the military commission trials President Obama is mulling over the possibility of detaining some alleged terror suspects indefinitely, and without trial, on US soil.
This seems to be an attempt at compromise between shutting down the "controversial" base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the security concerns of housing suspected terrorist until their cases are resolved.
The new announcement comes on the heels of two other controversial moves on the part of the administration. First being "...Justice Department memorandums outlining the interrogation tactics..." The second is the reversal on making public the prisoner abuse photos. As the article indicates this events signal the administration struggle to balance security concerns while at the same time attempt " alter Bush-administration practices he has harshly criticized."
The article says this new administration detention policy was hinted at, by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, last month at congressional hearings where he said "...that there were "50 to 100 [detainees] probably in that ballpark who we cannot release and cannot trust, either in Article 3 [civilian] courts or military commissions."
The latest proposal to handle the cases of the alleged terrorist is a new national security court. The article give no details about this new court but says that the idea is being discussed widely " legal circles, including by Bush administration Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Neal Katyal, a former Georgetown law professor and now Obama Justice Department official."
Given all the facts that some terror suspect can not be released, the base at Guantanamo Bay base is to be closed, and that there is no definite plan to resolve the outstanding cases, these suspects will have to be held for some indefinite period, without trial, until all the details are worked out.
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