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Satanic 'healing-safari' jailed near African power station

By Adriana Stuijt     May 8, 2009 in Lifestyle
Four bizarre 'prophets of a Gaia-healing safari' were arrested at the crucial Cahora Bassa power station in Mozambique and held for 'sabotaging' the hydro-electric plant. They were throwing 'orgon' disks in the water, 'trying to break a Satanic curse."
In what must be one of the strangest stories yet to come out of Africa, South African journalist Waldimar Pelser writes that a German architect was arrested with a Portuguese-born Dutch hotelier and two African assistants - a pilot and a tourguide -- for trying to sabotage this crucial hydro-electronic plant, which provides electricity to three southern African countries: Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe.
The hydro-electric dam, built by South Africa during the apartheid-era in the 1970s, generates about 2,075 megawatt, of which 1,500 Mw is delivered to its builder, Eskom electricity company in South Africa and the rest is used in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Arrested on April 21 were German architect Georg Ritschl (50), South African tour guide Joseph Ngwato (21), Botswanan pilot Tino Puthego (28), and a Portuguese hotelier from the Netherlands, Carlos da Silva (30). Ritschl's wife said they were merely on a safari to 'heal Africa' from harmful man-made radiation.
Esoteric dance ritual
The four men have been in custody ever since their arrest by Mozambican police while allegedly carrying out some kind of esoteric dance ritual at this crucial hydro-electronic plant.
The architect's wife, Mrs Frederike Ritschl, told the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld on Friday that they were on an "orgonising Gaia-healing safari', and that the four men now are being held 'under dismal circumstances' in the small town of Songo, near the dam wall.
The four were apparently arrested while throwing disks made of fibreglass, baby powder and metal scraps (see the video on how to make these) and which Mrs Ritschl referred to as "orgonite' into the dam.
Orgonite, she said was thrown in to "restore the vibrations from the huge water-masses in a magnificent way.'
The German couple, who moved to Johannesburg in South Africa eleven years ago, are dedicated to 'orgonising all of Africa', it is claimed on their blog. They also peddle their 'orgonite' and silver-covered electrodes they refer to as 'zappers' on the Internet.
"White spots"
They claim these mystery objects can 'cure AIDS and cancer." However what they were doing on their trip up the Zambezi river from Zimbabwe to Mozambique, was to find 'white electricity spots' to 'orgonise' in order to 'heal Africa'. see
For the past eleven years, they have travelled throughout southern Africa to seek out these mysterious 'white spots' during their 'orgonising safaris'.
Frequent confrontations with locals:
Their blogs also report frequent confrontations with locals who did not take kindly to their witchcraft-rituals. Small wonder: eighty percent of Africans still prefer going to their traditional healers for their medicines, instead of Western doctors.
"Orgonising' the Zambesi river was just the latest in a long series of trips. See their blog
It's also no surprise that they were arrested: the Cahora Bassa Dam system is the largest hydroelectric scheme in southern Africa with the powerhouse containing 5 x 415MW turbines. It is one of the three major dams on the Zambezi river system. It's under 24-hour camera surveillance and protected as a 'strategic key site' in southern Africa.
Their April 2009 'pilgrimage' to the Cahora Bassa formed part of their 'healing safari' to try and repair the claimed damaging impact of 'new-world technology' such as cellphone towers (HAARP).
Satanic pentagram:
Mrs Ritschl said the healing safari group had travelled from Macossa in Zimbabwe, which they claimed 'contains one of the five corners of a satanic pentagram which is placing a curse on Zimbabwe'.
Beeld writes that their project was stopped in its tracks when the Mozambican police arrested them on April 21 and they are now being held under suspicion of attempted sabotage of the Cahora Bassa dam's hydro-electric turbines. The case has drawn quite a lot of media attention in Mozambique.
State-run Radio Mozambique also aired an interview with Ngwato, who denied that he was involved in any 'sabotage attempts', he was merely the tour guide.
Paul Muxanga, head of the HCB company which runs the dam's electric installations, told the Mozambiquan news service AIM that the police's claims were 'a total surprise to him'. The police never told us that the dam was under any kind of threat'.
A spokesman for the South African state-owned electricity company Eskom also said (rather tongue in cheek) that such small amounts of any material, even 'orgonite', would not be able to damage gigantic turbines such as those at the Cahora Bassa.
"Huge quantities of any element would have to be dumped into the water to have any kind of invasive or damaging effect.' original story in Afrikaans here
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