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article imageStray dogs dumped on Malaysian island turn to cannibalism

By Kesavan Unnikrishnan     May 8, 2009 in Environment
Rescuers have found about 300 dogs which were abandoned by villagers in uninhabited island off Malaysia's western coast had started eating each other after weeks of starvation.
The dogs were rounded up by villagers in Malaysia's western Selangor state last month and were dumped in isolated mangrove island.The villagers were complaining about 2,000 homeless dogs which defecate on the streets and sometimes bite children.. Many dogs had swum back while many others were left in the island.
Animal welfare activists who arrived in the island this week found many dogs had died or were dying from hunger and thirst Some dogs were eating the carcasses of those that had died and physically weak dogs were attacked by other ones.There was no food and drinking water in the island, three quarters of which is submerged during high tides.
Rescuers are struggling to find the dogs because many are now fearful of people and flee into mangrove swamps when rescuers approach. A spokesman of Farm, an animal shelter which houses homeless dogs said:
We are mounting an urgent rescue mission to capture and transport the remaining survivors back to Sabrina's (Yeap) Furry Friends Farm.But time is running out and there might be only skeletons and carcasses left to collect on our next trip.Boat hire is expensive there (Pulau Ketam). It is a tourist area and it has already cost me a few hundred ringgit for boat hire alone so far. The rescued dogs cannot be transported on the regular ferries.
Hope the dogs are rescued soon.
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