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article imageOp-Ed: Major Media is after Carrie Prejean's crown

By Hargrove Jones     May 9, 2009 in Politics
Speaking about Miss USA Carrie Prejean, judge Perez Hilton, said, “If that girl would have won Miss USA, I would have gone up on stage, I shit you not, (and) snatched that tiara off her head."
Every American should be wringing their hands on behalf of Carrie Prejean, because she is a test case as to whether or not the media owns us. Never before has media attempted to bring down a prominent white person, in the manner generally reserved for Diasporans (a descendant of a survivor of the African diaspora).
We’ve seen OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, Chris Brown, Isaiah Washington, and Star Jones go from admired to denigrated, in the blink of an eye. Now they’re flexing their muscles to see if they can do it to anyone.
Media is the keeper of the records, the only talking voice we hears, and because of that, they are the definers of everything - including who we are, in the eyes of others. Now they’re using one of their infamous tricks, to distort and destroy the hard fought image and reputation, of a young woman, who has done everything that anyone could ask of her, and who deserves to be, in the esteemed position, that she is in today.
The media process, for image destruction of the innocent, goes like this; insignificant behavior is sensationalized by mislabeling it, in Carrie’s case, breast enhancements and a bra-less picture, shot from the back, is called “sin.” and explanations are called lies, and opinion is called moral authority. Then the sensationalized behavior is followed by a false conclusion. For Carrie, the false conclusion is that she should not be Miss California. The final step is to repeat the sensationalized behavior and the false conclusion often. So often, until the weak minded among us, begin to believe that they thought of it themselves.
The media has maneuvered us into a death watch over Carrie Prejean’s reign as Miss California, even trotting out her runner-up, without even establishing that Carrie's done anything that would justify ending her tenure. The California pageant admits that breast implants, paid for by them, is a common practice, the only uncommon thing is, that in Carrie Prajean’s case, the Pageant went to the press and told it. As for the picture, highly reputable models like Heidi Klume and Tyra Banks, take pictures like that every day. Without the media hype, that picture of Carrie Prejean, would not arouse any reaction.
I call media repetition the drum-beat. Over and over again, media repeats the sensationalism and the conclusion, and they repeat the sensationalism and the conclusion, and they repeat the sensationalism and the conclusion, until it swirls around in our heads like a popular tune.
Isn’t it rich, that the media has turned our attention to dethroning Carrie Prejean, while declining to question the validity of a contest in which a judge, publicly declares a politically incorrect answer, to be the worse answer in pageant history; and who goes on to call the contestant who gave it, a dumb bitch and a cunt.
In my generation, evil was a man like Perez Hilton, who wears a pink wig, hyper-sexualizes himself, sings about his penis - demanding that it be sucked, and misuses his role as a Miss USA judge, to promote his political agenda.
In my generation, evil was a man like the director, Roman Polanski, who told a 13-year-old that he photographed a spread in Vogue, which he showed her, in order to lure her, by offering to take pictures of her; ultimately raping, drugging, boozing, sodomizing, and performing other lewd acts on her.
But in this generation, evil is a young woman who did everything right, but who dared to admit that she thinks marriage, as it has existed throughout human history, is what marriage ought to be.
So media rolls the heavy and repetitive drums of lies and distortions, to bring Carrie Prejean down, but they silence the sound of truth, when it comes to Perez Hilton, thereby preserving his status. And they silence the sound of truth, when it comes to Roman Polansky, so that he can walk back into American society, after raping a child, and continuing to refuse to submit, to the authority of the American judicial system.
Carrie Prejean never said she was against anything, she merely said that she believes that traditional marriage is what marriage should be. That’s no different than the belief held by Maine’s governor, John Baldacci, who recently signed a bill making same sex marriage legal in Main.
This young woman has probably never been against anything in her life, except sin, and I’ll bet, even with that, she continued to love the sinner. But media has covered her with words like “anti” and “opposition” and “against,” until one would mistake her for an opponent of gay rights, which she may have justifiably become, since their vitriolics have virtually driven her into the arms of the right.
The American people approve of Carrie Prejean, according to a US News Poll, almost 90% of the people approve of her answer, major media does not reflect that point of view. Instead, they are driving us to an anti-Carrie Prejean perspective, whether we like it or not. Which is a little bit like what’s happening legislatively. Having learned that the people are not inclined to vote for same-sex marriage, the legislature has taken it upon themselves to give it to them anyway.
Americans have been urged to accept the simplistic idea that, altering an institution that has remained unchanged, since the beginning of recorded history, will not change anything, except to provide some people with “equality.” Well, I can think of a few changes, right off the top of my head. The definition of husband and wife will have to change, to include men as wives and women as husbands, and there will need to be instructions on how to identify, which of the same sex partners is the husband or the wife, or perhaps both partners will have the same designation. There will also have to be a change in the definition and purpose of consummation in marriage. Consummation is the first time, after marriage, that the couple come together through penetration of the vagina by the penis. The marriage is not complete, until consummation occurs because, through consummation, the parties demonstrate that their union is receptive to producing children.
(A) marriage is said to be "consummated" when the couple has sex for the first time . . . A probable source for this is the Catholic belief that marriage is fundamentally, though not exclusively, for the purposes of procreation. If the marriage is not consummated, because either party is impotent or unwilling, the marriage can be annulled on the basis that it's not capable of fulfilling its larger purpose.
Same sex partners are unable to consummation a marriage, as consummation is presently understood. Consequently, marriage will have to be redefined to exclude consummation or, consummation will have to be defined as something that homosexuals can accomplish. Also, since marriage is expected to produce children, there is a legal presumption that children born in a marriage, are the product of that marriage. By contrast, homosexuals cannot produce children by their union, therefore, children brought into homosexual marriages, will necessarily be the product of external, heterosexual, reproductive activity. Therefore, the legal presumption, that children born into a marriage, are the product of that marriage, will have to change. There is also the issue of gay couples acquiring children. Will their marriages be evaluated as identical to heterosexual marriage, even though the effect on children, growing up with same sex parents, who share a sexual relationship, is unknown.
Then there's the issue of religion. Most religions believe that the sexual activity of homosexuals is a sin. Will people who hold these beliefs be called upon to witness, and otherwise confirm, same sex unions, in violation of their religion? With only five states that have legalized same sex marriage, cases are evolving that pit religion against homosexual "rights." For example, e-harmony, a Christian based dating service, was forced to provide dating services for gays. Also, a Christian photographer was successfully sued, for refusing to photograph a gay wedding. Then there’s the business of education, schools and children's books will have to change, in order to re-educate children about changing marital terms and practices. So do not be fooled, there is more to including gays in marriage, than just a notion; it is a societal, and culture changing event.
Carrie Prejean represents something bigger than herself, and it’s really not about gay marriage, it’s about America principals. She is a test case for whether or not Americans have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. She also represents whether right and wrong are a viable guides for behavior, in America.
If we are to continue as a democracy, we need a media that provides us with truth, instead of lies. Informed opinion cannot be reached from a foundation of misinformation. If Carrie Prejean goes down, it will be a public demonstration that major media, not the people, rules.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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