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article imageVeteran Takes on Ann Coulter for Insulting Air Force

By Carol Forsloff     May 5, 2009 in Politics
Matthew Hamilton, retired Air Force, says it’s one thing to disagree with his politics, it’s another to mock the Air Force like Ann Coulter did when she said the Air Force didn't have interrogators.
Hamilton put it straight out about the Air Force and interrogators, while he defended again his stance against torture. The Air Force, he explained, like other branches of the American military have trained interrogators. He pointed out that one of the most experienced interrogators in fact is Colonel Steve Kleinman, an Air Force Reservist.
At the same time, because Coulter had declared she didn’t know the Air Force had interrogators, Hamilton wondered why Coulter was on the Sean Hannity Show talking about interrogation and torture in the first place. He mentioned she was hardly an expert if she didn’t know the basic facts about interrogation and who was involved.
Coulter has taken what some believe are quite unusual positions with respect to water-boarding, that some believe is torture. She considers it like those things that occur among children in families or fraternity and sorority hazing, as she did on the Larry King Live show with Joy Behas last week. A blogger pointed out that calling Dick Cheney a “wuss” for being somewhat apologetic about it reflects disturbing behavior in someone who makes statements in support of conservative principles and the Republican Party.
Despite the issue of water-boarding, Coulter and Cheney aren’t alone in their defense of its use. Condoleeza Rice, former Secretary of State, defended what the politically correct terminology of enhanced interrogation, maintaining that if the President of the United States signed off on an interrogation method, then it was acceptable practice. Hamilton had taken issue with these issues on the Huffington Post as military interrogators have maintained that the results obtained are unreliable, as stated in formal military manuals.
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