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article imageSolar Storm spells Global Blackout in 2012

By Vinay Chand     May 4, 2009 in Environment
According to a startling new discovery by NASA, the world could be pushed back a few hundred years in 2012, when a solar-storm threatens a global blackout.
A global catastrophe threatens the world population in 2012, but not in the form of global warming leading to natural disasters, but in fact, a solar storm- essentially plasma balls spewing from the surface of the sun which can distort the Earth's magnetic field, which could destroy the tens of thousands of expensive and hard-to-build transformers in power grids worldwide, which in turn, would cause major blackouts in advanced high-tech countries like the US, Singapore etc. The prediction comes from the very desks of leading space scientists around the world.
The blackout is expected to last months, or even years, depending upon the time taken to manufacture new transformers.
An article posted on a popular Blog suggested some grim possibilities or rather, inevitability, In the first moments of this catastrophe:
Trains will collide and planes will crash, as their communications systems fail.
Satellites will crash back to Earth like meteors.
Hospitals, with their life-sustaining support systems, will see some of the most urgent needs at first.
But eventually, millions may die from hunger and thirst.
With no power, food cannot be processed or delivered. Water cannot be pumped from reservoirs into homes.
Back-up generators will help, but only for a few days before their fuel runs out.
As sewage systems fail, diseases will break out.
Horses will replace cars, the financial system will collapse and, in a silver lining of sorts, there will certainly be no more e-mails for you to clear.
The advent of the 21st century has brought major developments in science and technology. While we may be classified as a race technologically advanced and well prepared in steps leading to taking enough measures in reducing the risks involved with natural catastrophe's, mankind may as well be very unprepared for a solar-storm and its consequences.
According to Michio Kaku, an expert astro-physicist, "the solar-storm will be like a 'Katrina' from outer space and will spell disaster to the tune of $100 Billion of property damage and unless we begin to make efforts now to reinforce our satellites and power-grids, we could have something, maybe ten times bigger than Hurricane Katrina because we're talking about the loss of all electricity and satellite activities. We could be going about a 100 years back in the past"
Michio further stated, the only time, a solar-storm occurred before in earth's history was way back in the year 1859. Back then, however, it caused little damage apart from telegraph wires getting shorted, compared to what it could do now, since the world wasn't yet dependent upon electricity or power the way it is now.
An article published on the NASA website, shows the consequences/effects of a solar storm and the findings of leading scientists from the 1859 storm. The scientists suggest that what occurred on Earth and in the heavens almost a century-and-a-half ago could happen again.
Is the world heading for apocalypse? Or is it a matter of perspective?
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