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'Fate/Unlimited' Codes Available Soon in U.S. on PSP

By Can Tran     May 1, 2009 in Technology
Fans of the anime series known as “Fate/Stay Night” can rejoice as a recent trailer shows the United States release of a fighting game known as “Fate/Unlimited Codes.”
Back in 2004, there was a visual novel developed and released by Japanese game company called Type-Moon. The novel is known as “Fate/Stay Night.” Type-Moon is also known for its other works known as “Tsukihime” and “Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners.” Story-wise, these three works are in the same universe.
Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime started out as 18+ graphic novels. In short, there would be sexual scenes. They eventually got adapted into games and anime series that are void of anything that is sexual. Tsukihime got adapted into the 2D fighting game series called “Melty Blood.” In the case of Fate/Stay Night, groups of Japanese game and anime hobbyists called “doujins” created their own fan-based works available for the PC.
The story of Fate/Stay Night revolves around the supernatural along with characters from folk tales and mythic lore. Last year, Capcom (the developer and publisher of “Street Fighter”) helped create a fighting game called “Fate/Unlimited Codes.” So far, it is pretty much the true fighting game of the series. At first, it would seem that this game would only be available in Japan.
However, a new trailer tells a different story. In Japan, the game is available out in arcades and the Sony Playstation 2. While the game is set to be released in the United States, it seems that it is only going to be ported to the Sony Playstation Portable. Those that do not have a PSP are out of luck for the time being. It is unknown whether or not this game will be ported to other gaming consoles in North America. But fans of the Fate/Stay Night series that have a PSP will be the first ones to be able to play this game.
In the game trailer, the graphics and game play look remarkably smooth and fluid. The action is quite fast paced and keeps true to the Fate/Stay Night series. This game’s story mode keeps true to the story behind the Fate/Stay Night Story. On top of that, the trailer explains different features such as an online mode where one can play with another person that has the game. Overall, the trailer shows that this is one game that could be worth waiting for.
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