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After Attempted Killing Of Dutch Royal Family, Karst Tates Dies

By Can Tran     May 1, 2009 in World
After the attempted crash into the Dutch Royal Family that had killed several people, Karst Tates the driver suffered several injuries. He recently died in the hospital.
Why did Karst try to kill the Dutch Royal Family? The answer is: The world may never know.
An article explains that Karst was recently fired from his job. Another article explains that Karst was stricken by the state of the economy and how it affected him. It also explains that he was about to get kicked out of his home as a result. On a similar note, today is the international May Day celebration in which millions across the globe demonstrated across the streets throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.
In the attempt to crash into the Royal Family, Tates suffered massive injuries. Tates died in the hospital this morning. Roel Nijenhuis died from his injuries today, as explained in the Times Online article. So far, it also explains that Tates was relatively a friendly person. Tates’ landlord implied that Tates was a very good tenant.
Despite Tates’ death, the attempted assassination of the Dutch Royal Family has become an international shocker. An article on Reuters explains that there are many asking whether this annual celebration will ever take place again. Again, it is pretty unknown why Tates attempted such an act. There were no traces of evidence pointing to a clear motive.
As a New York Times article explains, there is the question on security measures. So far, they are wondering how Tates managed to break through the barricade. Due to Tates’ financial situation, this could possibly be tied with the issue of the global economy. If that is, it could be far overshadowed by the assassination attempt on the Dutch Royal Family. On the flip-side, there is the sheer irony of the situation. Again, today is May Day. In the case of Europe and Asia, many are demonstrating on the streets in regards to the economic situation.
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